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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



We made it into the newspaper during Aspirations week.  This is the article that was published in February.

Monday 9th February 2015


Wow!  What an amazing and eventful start to our week.  The day began with our special guests from BFC, Tom Heaton, Ashley Barnes and Grounds Man, Barry O'Brien.  Tom gave an inspiring talk on how he became a professional footballer to the whole school then they all visited each class to sign any merchandise and be interviewed by the children.  It was a pleasure to have them all to visit us and we would love to see them all again soon.  Thank you so much for giving up your free time to come to see us.

The children in Year 2 drew pictures inspired by our visitors, Ashley Barnes and Tom Heaton.

During the day, each class had lots of different visitors.  We had a Mrs Parker - Bank Manager, Jane Percival - Hairdresser, Mrs Hindle - Physiotherapist, David Chilvers - Butcher, Sarah Collins - News Editor, Helen Wakefield - 2BR presenter and Gordon Birtwistle - MP for Burnley.


All the visitors signed a leaf to add to our TREE OF INSPIRATION and then signed a special visitors book .  

Tuesday 10th February


What a busy day we have all had today.  The children have had a great time climbing all over a very expensive Mercedes - thanks to Mr Nield, being arrested by the police and armed forces and put in the 'back of the van', visiting our school kitchen to interview Donna and Melissa, interviewing Helen Lord - Radiographer, listening to an inspiring talk by Mr Varrey, the Head at Blessed Trinity, watching Mrs McKeating have her hair blow dried by Mr Barker, talking to an artist - Mr Howley, listening to a talk by a dancer - Sydney Wells, interviewing the School Chaplain of Blessed Trinity - Jessica Wilkinson, meeting a new baby in Reception, spending the afternoon with a newsman and finally, our school chaplains had afternoon tea with the Director of Education for Salford, Mr. Quigley.  Phew! And tomorrow, we get to do it all again with lots of different visitors.

Year 3 particularly enjoyed the police visit on Tuesday. We learnt so much about what police do and had lots of fun exploring their vehicles!

Wednesday 11th February


Another busy day meeting and greeting visitors.  We have had a wide variety of careers in today such as a Clinical Pharmacist, Midwife, Gas Engineer, Nurse, IT Technician, Firemen, Father Allan and Olympian Swimmer, Grant Turner. All the children from Nursery up to Year 6 took part in a Fitness Circuit during the afternoon to help raise funds for sports in schools.

Thursday 12th February


What a great end to our week...and one of our busiest days!  The day started with an inspirational talk from England Ladies Goalkeeper, Rachel Brown-Finnis.  The children also had a chance to score a goal against her!  We had lots of visitors from the emergency services again today including P.C. Lee Roberts and the Ambulance Service.  Some classes had visits from dance instructors, a gym coach, a travel agent and a peripatetic music teacher.  Chris Dean and Gemma Baron from 2BR visited us during the afternoon and they even recorded our children performing some of the jingles for the radio show. Our day finished with an hilarious talk to the whole school by local author Tommy Donbavand.  He had the children (and staff) in stitches with his tales of visits to other schools and his spooky characters and stories.  Tommy had spent the whole day at our school spending the morning with Years 2 and 3 and the afternoon with Years 4 and 5.  The children involved in these workshops created 'Comic Capers'as Tommy is now the regular writer for 'The Bash Street Kids' in the Beano.  All the children are looking forward to his Scream Street series becoming a 52 part animation series next year, shown on CBeebies.  We cant wait to watch these!  

Click on the RECEPTION link below to see some more photos of visitors who inspired them.

Year One had so much fun and learnt so much. Our motto was, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN!

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