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Fidget's Number Challenges

Fidget's Problem Solving


As you know, Fidget has a new friend, The Rainbow Fish who lives in the sea.  Fidget has been setting the children in Year 2 some mathematical challenges this week and the children have impressed Fidget so far!  Here are some extra challenges for you.

Fidget's holiday challenge.  Have a go at answering these. Remember that the big end of the symbol points towards the biggest number. no

Ordering numbers


Can you put the following numbers in the correct order so that the numbers INCREASE in value?


564, 987, 102, 120, 441, 444, 986, 100, 110, 101


Can you put the same numbers in the correct order so that they DECREASE in value?



Can you put any ten different 4 digit numbers into a decreasing sequence?


(Use the contact form to send your reply or give them to Mrs Carlile on paper)



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