The school is currently open for vulnerable children and children of key workers. Our School Nursery is fully open and school will be open for all pupils from Monday 8th March.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 13th November

Your Maths and English homework needs to be completed by next Friday (20th November.) You can either post your answers on the blog, take a picture of your work and post it on the blog or send it by email to


Maths - Comparing and ordering fractions.

Your Maths homework is on comparing and ordering fractions which we have been doing in class this week. REMEMBER, you cannot compare or order fractions unless the denominators are the same so you need to use your knowledge of equivalent fractions.


Log on to Education City and find your homework (Maths homework - 13/11/20.) Please complete the activity and the sheet. It doesn't need printing if you can't, just write the answers in your book. 


Both groups need to learn the spellings for a test next week AND complete the activity next to the spellings. 



In addition to learning your spellings, please write 10 sentences including each word. Make sure your sentences are correctly punctuated!
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