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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


School Chaplains

Our New Chaplains were presented to the school and Parish Community at our New School Year Mass. Father Swift Blessed them at the conclusion of Mass.



The School Chaplains have been involved in numerous activities and this has had a significant impact upon the children. Here are a selection of comments from the children.


"The masses now feel like far more work has been put into them and that they have really been thought about. I now enjoy them more and, to a certain degree find them a  little more reflective. The readings are always hand picked from the Bible by the Chaplains at their countless meetings and a lot of thought goes into this process . Every lunchtime there is something new to discuss to make our spiritual life in school ten times better. "


"Their contributions to class R.E. lessons are somewhat amazing. Their responses always prove helpful and their mind for religion is always open for the best. They help us to learn through their generosity and we are all extremely grateful for this. They sometimes include liturgies in the R.E. lessons and we all look forward to the special occasions."


"I would also like to touch on their kindness and humility and how they are extremely gentle towards all members of the school. I am sure that the new school Chapel will be put to great use and we will enjoy using it to expand out spiritual life."

CROWNING OF MARY MASS. May 2016 - A beautiful mass led by our chaplains.

15th December 2015 - Our School Chaplains went to visit Spring Cottages with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Clough and provided lots of entertainment.

During Advent, we were waiting in Church for Baby Jesus at lunchtimes.

Our School Chaplains attended Mass at Salford Cathedral to celebrate the start of a very special time, The Year of Mercy. The children got to see the 'Holy Door' which will be visiting all the schools in Salford Diocese during the year.

Our School Chaplains led our First Advent Assembly.  They talked to us about why we celebrate Advent and the true meaning of Christmas. They also gave each class some yellow strips of paper which represent the straw that Baby Jesus would have laid on in the manger.  During Advent, each time a child gets a green dojo or a teampoint, they can put a piece of straw in a special box.  These will be emptied every Monday morning into the Manger so that at Christmas, Jesus will be laid on all the rewards from the hard work and ways that the children follow our school mission statement.

November 2015


Our school chaplains have been very busy this month.  Thanks to the generosity of our school parents, they have collected 98 boxes to send to the Charity, Samaritan's Purse.

The school Chaplains looking very smart in their new jumpers.

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