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Stanley's Diary - February 2014

4th February 2014


Goodness me. I can't believe it is the 4th already.  I have been time travelling this weekend in my T.A.R.D.I.S. so I have been a bit confused with the days..weeks...months...years and even centuries!  I went back in time to Ancient Egypt which was over 4,000 years ago.  I was looking at their maths skills and comparing them to ours.  The ancient Egyptians were good at many things but I bet they couldn't add up like 2 of my friends in Year 2.  Oliver and Hayden are giving Mrs Carlile a run for her money at the moment.  We have been learning how to add using column addition and these 2 boys can now add not just 2 digit numbers successfully, but 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 digit numbers together!  Amazing adding...and they are only in Year 2!  Hayden has even moved onto adding numbers with decimal points and Oliver brought in pages and pages of work which meant Mrs Carlile had loads of extra marking...he he he!  Well done my friends.  I'm very impressed. You will both be able to help me count my lettuce leaves soon. Abe and Lydia have also been writing lots of stories.  Lydia has written about a well known superstar in Padiham...*ahem*!  Abe has listened to Mrs Carlile reading lots of different versions of Traditional Tales and Abe went and wrote his own version of Jack and the Beanstalk which involved magical giggle biscuits.  I would like some of those please Abe!


I have also noticed some super science going on in Year 2.  Yesterday, there were huge icebergs melting all over the classroom to see which would melt first and which conditions would increase or decrease the melting process.  I had to stay out of the way as one of the icebergs had lots of salt on it and salt and me do not get on very well at all!  Check out the Year 2 class page and go to the curriculum area - super science - and see the photos of the experiment.  Mrs Carlile just sat in a corner boiling a kettle.  She told us she was showing us how water can be turned into a gas and how water evaporates...but I thinks she was secretly making a cup of tea!  Well done Year 2. There is some super work going on at the moment.  Oh and don't forget to check Mr. Snail and The Doctor's pages soon as they are both having some great adventures at the moment.  Mr Snail has been to the dentist and has also helped the dentist to give Loui's Mum a check up!  He got lots of stickers for being helpful and brave.  Go Mr. Snail!  

Oh my, oh my, oh my!  I can't believe who I have just had a message from.  You will never guess.  Do you all remember Mrs Carlile's daughter, Miss Carlile, who is training to be a teacher hundreds of miles away in London?  Well one of her tutors, Mrs Tulloch, has sent me a message.  Hello Mrs. Tulloch.  You must be very clever to be a tutor.  I bet you have had to read lots of books and things to be a tutor.  I read lots of books.  I have read all of Julia Donaldson's books, all of the Horrid Henry books and all of the books by a fabulous local author called Tommy Donbavand.  I'm not sure if that qualifies me to be a tutor or not yet but I will keep working on that!  Apparently Miss Carlile has told Mrs Tulloch and the other trainee teachers all about me and Mrs Tulloch was very impressed with my website and she is going to follow my progress.  Any time you want an autograph Mrs Tulloch, just let me know.  It takes me a while to hold a pencil but I have a really good go.


Mrs Tulloch also wanted to know how I am managing in the cold weather and if I ever go out in the rain.  Thank you for asking Mrs Tulloch.  To be honest Mrs Tulloch, I am a very lucky snail and even possibly a little bit spoilt!  Mrs Carlile has attached a heat pad to the back of my tank so that I don't get too cold.  It's lovely and cozy in my tank at the moment.  She also sprays me and my tank with water each day so I get the 'tropical' feel in Padiham!  I haven't been outside in the rain yet as it has been very cold here in the north of England.  I'd rather stay inside where its lovely and warm, plus my tank is like an adventure playground so I am never bored.  The children go and collect my school dinner (usually lettuce or cucumber) for me everyday so I have more time to do my writing and reading.  


The children here in Year 2 are amazing.  They are always writing to me or about me and I even have my own special snail mail notice board in class as I have so much mail.  I have really helped the boys and girls with their reading and writing and I am very proud.  I have also had letters from the children in Year 3 next door.  There is a link to them from my January diary.  We have recently made a link with a school in Hoxton in London and my friends have written back to the children telling them all about me!  


Anyway, I need to go and have a chomp on my lettuce now as all this jumping around on the keyboard gives me an appetite.  I wish Mrs Carlile had left me her Ipad as it is much easier to slide around the keys!  Thank you Mrs Tulloch for sending me a message and I hope to meet you too one day....and YES...I would love to be your friend!  I hope that Miss Carlile is behaving herself.  I miss her lots.  She is always kind to me when I go to Mrs Carlile's house for my holidays.  She even sent me a letter all the way from London!  Bye bye for now.  Say hello to all the people training to be a teacher from me.  I really want to be an author but if I can't do that then I will be happy to be an astronaut instead.  


Night night everyone....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Oh, I forgot to mention. Miss Carlile earned herself a special sticker at university today all because she spoke about me! How cool is that. She was so proud and couldn't wait to tell Mrs Carlile. Here is a photo of it. Well done Miss Carlile. 

Monday 10th February


Yippee. I have had a message from a girl in year 6. Can you believe that? She is so far down the corridor! Hello Emily, my friend Mckenzie's sister.  Thank you for your message.  This is what she wrote.


Hello Stanley , I 'm Emily from year 6 , my brother is in year 2 he is called Mckenzie ,you probably know him and he told me to tell you that he is missing you and can't wait to see you in space week . I have got a question for you. Are you going to travel on a rocket to the moon one day ? 



Well Emily, to be honest, I don't really need a rocket as I have got a T.A.R.D.I.S to travel in and that can take me anywhere I want to go.  However, I would like to go to them on one day to see if the footprints of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are still there 45 years later.  Apparently they should be as there isn't an atmosphere to destroy them.  How exciting would that be! Would you like to go to the moon Emily? Thank you for writing. I hope you are enjoying space week so far. We are getting ready for our class assembly on Friday. I'm very excited as I have a 'starring role' in our assembly...literally.  ha ha ha.  Just you wait and see. 


What an amazing start to Space Week.  I couldn't believe the standard of work that the children brought in to school.  That's one of the things I love about our school.  Everyone gets involved in the projects...the whole family...including some pet snails! I bet Joliver and Robin had a good time helping Oliver and Ruby! Check out the link below to look at some of the photos taken on the day.  
Can I tell you all a little secret? Promise you won't laugh at me? No, you wouldn't would you. You are all lovely to me.  To be honest, I'm a little bit worried. Well infact, I'm very worried.  Rumour has it that Mrs McKeating has bought the children in Year 3 a rainforest pet. She has bought them a macaw! His name is Matty! I'm worried incase Matty the Macaw likes to eat snails! Do you see my problem now? I've been a bit quiet these last few days as I've been hiding in my T.A.R.D.I.S. and Fidget has been too busy with her digits to help me.  Please can some one tell me what is going on as I am too scared to leave the classroom! Look at all these pictures of him flying around year 3. I'm sure he is looking for me! 

Tuesday 11th February


Look everyone.  I have just had a message from Matty the Macaw next door.  Let me know what you think.  Should I trust him or do you think he is trying to trick me and really wants to eat me?


Hi Stanley, it's Matty here. I have just been reading your diary, I think it's 
great. I live in Year 3 at St.Johns now. You're right, when I used to live in the Rainforest, I did like a tasty snail for my supper but I'm not sure they're my 
thing now I live here in Padiham. So you don't need to worry. Honest! What do you do when all the teachers and children go home? I fly around Year 3 but I'm 
beginning to get a little lonely. Perhaps we can be friends? I can fly though any time. 

Hope we can meet soon. Let me know!



I'm really not sure at all.  He sounds like a friendly chap but he might be trying to trick me.  Please help me and send me some advice.  Thank you.

This cheered me up a little bit.  I received another letter through the post.  Well, actually, it was a postcard, all the way from London.  Miss Carlile hasn't forgotten about me and has written to me.  I love the picture on the postcard.  I would love to go and see all those places one day when Miss Carlile books me a train ticket!  Infact, Mrs Carlile is going down at Easter...I might catch a lift with her and go and surprise Miss Carlile!  Sssshhhhhh, don't tell her! 


I think I need to go to check out all the purple things in her room!  I hope those pesky Fizzywigwags haven't invaded her University!

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