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Stanley's Diary - January 2014

3rd January 2014

Due to writing my first story, I haven't been as good at keeping my diary up to date.  I do apologise and am determined to be a good snail this year and keep it up to date.  I will start off with some of the pictures I should have put on at the end of December.  These are from my first Christmas at St. John's school.  They show me watching my special video message from Santa, me making my friends some Christmas cards by using press print and also some of my Doctor Who tree decorations.  

Stanley's First Christmas

Mrs Bracken brought all the children in Year 2 a lollipop...and she brought Stanley a Lettuce Pop!

Look at what the Miss Carlile's bought me for Christmas. A big yellow Dalek. I love it!

5th January 2014


I'm so excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to see all my friends again in Year 2....I have missed them all. I wonder if they have missed me? Apparently, my table has moved into the reading corner at the back of the room.  Mrs Carlile has been into school in the holidays and has rearranged the room a little bit.  She told me I have moved for two reasons.

1. I was in danger of being knocked onto the floor every time someone walked passed me.

2. I don't have as far to go when I want to change my reading book. 

I'm quite excited about the move but I shall miss my friends on Elephant table as they were really near to me.  Mrs Carlile also told me that there is a beanstalk growing out of my table as well! I wonder why? I wonder where I would get to if I climbed up the beanstalk.  


I wonder if anyone was lucky enough to get a snail for Christmas.  I know Mrs Taylor got two.  A big welcome to Sidney and Shelley Taylor.  Apparently they are a lot bigger than me and are as big as an egg! I can't wait until I am as big as an egg.  


I see that some of you have been reading my story on the website.  Mrs Carlile can see how many people have been on our website, which pages they have been on and for how long.  She told me that I am very famous because my pages always get the most views! How fantastic is that? About 20 people have been on my story page and spent ten minutes reading it.  I hope you all like it.  I've already planned the second book.  Anyway, I'm off to get a good nights sleep as I hope to have a really busy but fun day with you all tomorrow.


6th January 2014


Welcome back everyone!  It was great to see you all again.  It was also great to see Mr. Snail and The Doctor safely back from their travels.  I can't believe the adventures they have both got up to and the people they have met!  Check out my page for the details.  I also hear that Ruby was lucky enough to get a Giant African Land Snail for Christmas.  She has named him Robin.  I am waiting to find out if he is bigger than me!  


Also, Year 3 have some exciting news.  They have gained 3 fish in their classroom, Finn, Freddie and Fifi.  The fish, with the help of the children, are going to write some stories.  Guess who they are going to write the stories for.  Me!  How cool is that?  


I went in to meet the fish last night.  Unfortunately, Finn was poorly and had to go to the vets.  Later, Miss Hartley was told that sadly, Finn had passed away and had gone to be a fish with Jesus in heaven.  Sorry I didn't get to meet you little man.  However, Miss Hartley is going to go back to the pet shop soon and get another fish to complete the trio.  Look at the photos below of me meeting Freddie and and Fifi.  They were really nice to me and told me I can call in and see them any time.  I will certainly be doing that, very soon.  Can you guess how I travelled next door?

Stanley meeting Freddie and Fifi in Year 3

7th January 2014


I heard a lovely story today called 'Santa is coming to Cumbria'.  Mrs Carlile read this story to the children as this was a Christmas present that Santa brought 'The Doctor' whilst they were on holiday in Cumbria.  We all loved the story and Mrs. Carlile has since ordered 'Santa is coming to Lancashire' to see which towns and villages are mentioned in that one.  Thank you very much to the 'Bailey Family'.  If you haven't read The Doctor's diary yet all about his Christmas adventures, please do.  He writes better than me!  (Doesn't he look really cosy in his new sleeping bag kindly knitted by Mrs. Bailey?)

8th January 2014


You will never guess what nearly happened to me again today!  I'm such a prankster.  I love playing jokes on Mrs Carlile.  It's a good job she checks my food first!

Can you tell from the photos what nearly happened?

Miss Hartley has been to the pet shop again and has bought Finn 2.  He is a handsome chap, just like me.  Click on the link below to see what the trio of fish are going to be doing in Year 3.

Friday 10th January 2014


Wow!  I think my friends in Year 2 have remembered I am still here!  I have been sent not one, not two, but 5 messages from my friends in Year 2.  THANK YOU!  Firstly, Oliver asked me if I am enjoying the New Year.  YES, I definitely am.  My New Year's resolution was to read and write more and I have already written my first book and have started the second one.  Plus I have just finished reading my second book of the year.  Oliver also asked me if I like being at the back of the room near the library.  Again, YES, as I can change my books quicker and haven't as far to carry them.  Some of them are rather heavy!  Thank you Oliver...and I hear you will be taking my friend Mr. Snail somewhere fantastic at Easter.  Please can I come?  Oh, wait, no I can't because it is illegal to keep a Giant African Land Snail as a pet in America!  Did you know that?  Apparently we are PESTS!  Ha ha ha, Mrs Carlile is always calling me a pest!



Tilly noticed that I am going to be writing to Miss Kelly in London.  Well, actually, not to Miss Kelly.  I hear she has a mighty fine puppet called Captain Feathers, so I will be writing to him as I want to know lots about him.  She also asked me how I am feeling...the answer is a bit tired!  I'm so busy Tilly, reading, writing, eating, rearranging my soil.  A snail's work is never done!  However, I bet that you are also tired as you are busy rehearsing and performing in a Pantomime!  I bet that you are also tired like me.  Come and have a snooze in my soil if you get too tired.  Mrs Carlile won't mind!  You also asked if I still have my silver suit.  Oh yes, I do.  But because it is so special, I have to hide it otherwise you will all be so jealous!  Maybe one day I will show it to you.



Kiah asked me if I still feel loved at St. John's school.  Of course I do Kiah.  Especially now I have had 5 messages.  Yes, I still love my school dinners with the juicy salad.  She also wants to know what will happen in my next story...all I will tell you is watch out for anyone wearing purple!  That's all I'm saying.  Keep your eyes and your ears OPEN!


Ruby asked me which is my favourite football team.  It is definitely Burnley.  And my favourite player is Danny Ings.  Have you seen the photo of Danny Ings holding Mr. Snail?  I will put it on here so you can see it!  Ava took him to meet Danny Ings and he picked Mr Snail up...he must be really strong.  But I'm glad he didn't use him as a football!    I wish I could meet Danny Ings.  Which is your favourite team Ruby?  Also, how is Robin, your snail settling in?  Let me know if he wants to borrow one of my books.

Mr. Snail and Ava meet Danny Ings...I'm so jealous!

Well, today was a strange day!  I spent the morning with all the children in Year 3 in their classroom.  They were writing some letters to me telling me all about the new 'Trio of Fish' in their classroom who are going to be story writers.  I had a great time in Year 3, thank you for having me.  I hope I wasn't too much trouble.  Then, Year 3 brought me back this afternoon so that they could see where I live in my Year 2 classroom.  They also came to look at all the art work the children had drawn on the netbooks when they were writing non-fiction about snails.  It's all about snails and PURPLE at the moment in this class!  I'm not sure if it's those pesky aliens infiltrating our school again but 'Purple' seems to appearing everywhere.  Also, we have had 2 different Mrs McKeatings come into our class today.  The lovely, kind, helpful Mrs McKeating who gives me stickers and the Mrs McKeating who has 'Purple Moments'!  Year 2 are helping me with my Super hero detective work and are keeping an eye out.  Take a look on the class page of Year 2.  Edward, Evie and Kiah went on a purple hunt with Mrs Glynn, ended up having a brew in the staffroom and then having loads of fun in the art store room!  However, they came back with something purple attached to them!  Hmmmmmm, I'm keeping my eyes out in this school...strange, alien things are happening.  Year 2 think it's the Fizzywigwags who have come down from their planet again.  We will see!  Watch this space!

12th January 2014


Yippee, I have just had an email from my friend Ruby.  She has sent me two fabulous photos of Robin, her snail.  He does look a lot like me! I wonder if we are related? Ruby, is his last name Hufflepuff? If he is called Robin Hufflepuff then we might be related...definitely! I'm so excited that Santa brought you a snail for Christmas.  We can bring so much joy to a family! I love the photos of him.  I must admit, that lettuce leaf looks rather yummy! Are there any leftovers? And I see you had another special visitor at your house this weekend, Jofli bear from the Reception Class.  I presume that Leo brought Jofli home for the weekend to visit you all.  I'm glad he got to meet Robin.  Thanks again for the photos.  See you tomorrow Ruby. 

Robin and Jofli Bear

Tuesday 14th January we had a very special visitor from Hays called Bridget.  A few months ago, Mrs Carlile had been in contact with some very special people who had put some of their own money together and bought 14,000 Doctor Who books from Ebay.  To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this group of people wanted to donate...yes give away...these books to schools to help children read and enjoy books.  These very kind people, Target Who, have been in contact with Teaching Agencies to help distribute the books to schools as it is a massive job!  Bridget very kindly brought us 6 books.  She was very impressed with how much I read and write and thinks I'm a bit of a celebrity!  Well, I am a little bit!  If anyone knows any other schools who would like some books, have a look on our 'Community' page in the gallery.  Mrs Carlile has put all the contact details on there.  THANK YOU TARGET WHO AND BRIDGET.

This is the link to the information.

Look at me, I'm in the photo. What a surprise!

Thursday 16th January 


I have been awake all night being a nurse to a fish!  Sadly, Miss Hartley told me that Finn, Freddie and Fifi all went to heaven to be with Jesus.  All that was left was Finn 2.  He was quickly removed from the tank in case the water had some toxins in.  Miss Hartley has been to get a new trio of healthier fish and she is now the proud owner of 3 Rosy Barbs.  They are still called Finn, Freddie and Fifi.  Finn 2 was put in a nursery tank as he wasn't looking very well and Miss Hartley and Mrs Carlile brought him through to me.  They knew I made a great nurse!  Mrs Carlile renamed him Fergus.  However, I have now renamed him and I shall be telling Mrs Carlile in the morning that he is now called FIDGET the fish!  He hasn't kept still all night.  He is getting stronger by the hour.  Miss Hartley and Mrs Carlile have said that I can keep him next to me as I am such a good nurse...and such a good friend to Fidget.  Yippee.  My very own pet!  I have bought him some new gravel, it is PURPLE!  He he he!  He also has a purple plant!  I might have to keep an eye on Fidget!  

Me being a good nurse to Fidget! Keep swimming little man...

Friday 17th January


Now, as you all know, I have been Stanley the Nurse for the last few days looking after my  poorly boy,  Fidget, the Platy.  However, it turns out that Fidget is not a boy and Fidget wasn't poorly!  Whilst all the children were at church this morning, praying to God, a miracle was happening in the tank next to me!  I stopped being a nurse and became a midwife!  Fidget gave birth to 30(ish) beautiful baby Fidgets!  I rushed around looking for towels and hot water but thankfully didn't need them.  They are beautiful, but tiny.  Mrs Carlile was going to throw that water away tonight!  Thankfully, something caught her eye and she noticed one of them move!  She couldn't believe her eyes!  The children were laughing and everyone was happy.  Year 3 came to have a look as Fidget (Finn) did belong to them originally and Mrs Carlile only took him (her) as she thought he was poorly and about to go to Jesus in heaven.  How wrong was she!  


Mrs Carlile rang the pet shop for advice and they told her to take the Mummy out of the tank once she had finished having her babies.  Luckily, Mrs Carlile  had a small tank ready and waiting as she was going to move Fidget anyway!  Fidget now looks a different shape and is a much more happier fish.  


Now I need to write to Mrs McKeating and ask her if I can not have one pet but if I can have 31 pets!   Oh dear, I don't think Mrs McKeating will be impressed with me.  But then again, I have been a fantastic help to Fidget.  The children are all planning what we can do with the babies when they get stronger.  Some will definitely be making their way to Year 3...and I'm sure that Mrs Carlile will let me keep some of them.  But not all 31!  When the baby Fidgets are stronger, we will be able to put them back in with their Mum, but for now they have to stay in the Nursery.  Mrs Carlile is off shopping this weekend!  Ho hum! 


Oh, and by the way.  The class lost me this afternoon.  They found me happily eating my lettuce inside my T.A.R.D.I.S.  I was just going off on a trip now that my Midwifery skills are no longer needed.  

Look at the Baby Fidgets and Me in my T.A.R.D.I.S.

A Big Hello to Joliver, the Giant African Land Snail.  Oliver in my class has now got a beautiful snail.  He is handsome as me!  I think Joliver gets called Jolly for short.  We have been jolly in Year 2 today Joliver!  You should have been here helping me be a Midwife!  It was great to get an email from you.  I bet you have met Robin the snail haven't you?  I think you are bigger than him though.  Keep in touch Joliver and let me know how you are doing.

Joliver the Snail

Saturday 18th January


I have had a message from Amber in Year 3.  Hello Amber. Amber was asking about Fidget and the 30 baby Fidgets.  At the moment, Mum and babies are doing very well. The babies have already doubled in size, are a lot brighter orange and you can see their 2 black eyes really clearly.  They are beautiful.  Fidget is not as happy as she was moved out of the nursery tank  but she is healthy.  Mrs Carlile is going to bring her a bigger tank on Monday so that she can have more room.  When the babies are stronger, she will put some of them in with Fidget and if you ask Miss Hartley nicely, I bet she could be persuaded to take a few of the babies too.  I think Mrs Baird is also interested in giving a home to some of the babies.  We will have to see how many of them grow up strong and healthy like Fidget. 

Sunday 19th January


Mrs Carlile has emailed me and told me she has got a new posh tank for Fidget.  The babies (or fries as they are actually called) will be fine in the nursery tank for now.  Mrs Carlile has bought them a new real water plant to put in their bowl to give them somewhere to hide and something to feed on. Thank goodness Mrs Carlile's VIP card came through yesterday for Pets at Home! Miss Hartley and Mrs Carlile should have shares in that place at the moment! The staff were very helpful and friendly though and delighted with Fidget's 'fries'. Go Fidget! 

Tuesday 21st January


Here are a few updated photos of the baby 'fries'.  there are about 18 healthy ones left now.  The pet shop did tell us to expect that to happen.  Mrs Carlile has set up the new tank for Fidget and it will be another day before Fidget can go in it.  Hopefully tomorrow. The filter needs time to clean the water and the tank needs to settle.  The baby 'fries' are loving their new plant in their bowl and are now feeling safe as they have somewhere to hide, plus they can also feed off the plant.  They are growing up and are swimming really fast.  Mrs Carlile tried to photograph some of them but they are just a blur at times!  

Fidget is loving her new tank. She has lots of space to swim now and lots of plants to explore.

Wednesday 22nd January


Mrs Carlile came to say goodnight to me and guess where she found me!  Hiding in my lid!  I'm feeling a little bit mischievous at the moment and love playing practical jokes...a little bit like Mrs Glynn!  

The Little Miracles

Still image for this video
These are the baby 'fries' that were born at our school on Friday. They are 6 days old in this video.

The Doctor is never far away!

Still image for this video
Look at what has arrived through the post for Fidget's tank!  Wow!  I love it...I nearly pinched it off her for my tank but it is too big.  Fidget loves it.  
*Ahem*...I knew it was only a matter of time before my celebrity status went beyond St. John's school.  I have made it into the Padiham Express.  The only newspaper worth reading in my opinion!  There is an article on page 12 with my photo on it!  The reporter didn't mention me by name, which is a little bit disappointing, but at least my photo is in.  It's a start to my celebrity status!  I will be available for autographs in the near future, I just need to practise my signature.
OH DEAR! I am a very unhappy Stanley! On closer inspection, it would appear that I have been cropped out of the photo in the newspaper! How dare they! The whole photo was about me, Stanley the celebrity snail! Hmmm, I don't think the Padiham Express understands how special I really am.  I think I'm going to go and have a little cry in my T.A.R.D.I.S. now. 
As a reward for my excellent nursing and midwifery skills, I have been given a gift from Fidget the Fish as a thank you for helping her through a very tricky time.  She has got a large Cyberman head in her tank and I have been admiring it.  However, she knew that it wouldn't fit in my tank so she has bought me a smaller Cyberman.  It fits perfectly!  Thank you Fidget and Baby was a pleasure.  I'm just packing lettuce into my T.A.R.D.I.S. again ready for my weekend away looking for those pesky Fizzywigwags.  See you all on Monday!

Monday 27th January


Sad news today.  The last few remaining baby fish went to heaven to be with Jesus. They weren't as strong as we thought.  I have done my best to be a good nurse but it wasn't enough.  They had a happy life for a week with us at St. John's and were well loved in their short little lives.  Swim free little Fidgets.  Miss you all. X

Tuesday 28th January


A big thank you to all the children in Year 3.  The children have written me some letters telling me all about their story telling fish.  I'm about half way through them at the moment and will be replying as soon as I can.  Well done Year 3.  Super writing.  Click on the link below to take you to the letters.

Oliver in Year 2 has written me not one, but two fantastic stories.  I'm very impressed Oliver with how your writing is progressing and I know Mrs Carlile is too.  Did Joliver the Snail help you to write these stories? Have a read and tell me what you think.
I'm really pleased to see Mr Snail and The Doctor again.  They have both been on their travels last week.  The Doctor went to a 'Burns' Night and Mr Snail has been roller blading, seen a pantomime and had a pamper day!  Have a look on my web page to see their adventures.  I wonder where they will be going next!  Alfred's Grandma has been very kind and has knitted The Doctor a Fez and a stripy scarf...just like the 4th Doctor's!  Wow!  The Doctor is very lucky.  He has only been home with two children so far and both times he has been knitted a present.  Mrs Bailey kindly knitted him a sleeping bag and now Alfred's Grandma a Fez and a scarf!  He is a lucky Doctor.  
Since I am sadly no longer needed for baby fish sitting duties, I have begun to read again.  I am currently reading 'The Time Travellers Handbook - How to be the best in Time and Space'.  I'm currently investigating how to write my name in Hieroglyphics, the writing of the Ancient Egyptians.  It's great fun!  I may travel back there this weekend.

This is my name in Hieroglyphs!

Wednesday 29th January


Oh my goodness.  I am laughing so hard my tank is shaking! cheeky After the staff meeting tonight, Mrs Carlile decided to clean my tank out and give me some new soil to dig in.  She spent 10 minutes digging in the soil looking for me. surprise But guess where I was hiding?  Yes, you guessed right...inside the T.A.R.D.I.S. right up at the top. Mrs Evans, our school Governor came in whilst Mrs Carlile was looking for me.  She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw where I was. angel I'm such a practical joker at times...I even laugh at myself!  sad

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