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Stanley's Diary - June 2014

3rd June 2014


Guess what!  I have 5 new 'froggy' friends in my class room.  Five of the tadpoles have turned into frogs and one still has his tail!  All the children were very brave and held a frog (everyone except for Mrs Carlile!).  They all screamed and squealed really loudly when they jumped in their hands.   The children had great fun with Mrs McKeating helping them learn about the life cycle of a frog and variation.  Take a look at all the pictures.  

Wednesday 4th June 2014


I gained 5 new froggy friends yesterday and 5 new crawling furry friends today!  Welcome to St. John's School Danny (Ings), Simon, David, Paul and Gavin (the children chose the names!).  They are 5 very handsome, but tiny, caterpillars.  We will be studying them as they grow and then watch them transform into beautiful painted lady butterflies.  Once they become butterflies, we will release them into their natural habitat.  Mrs Carlile has told me that we can release them on my my special 1st birthday party on Friday 11th July.  Yippee.  

I have decided to call my froggy friends Fergus Frog, Fred Frog, Fabien Frog, Fitzwilliam Frog and Felix Frog; who still has his tail.  Great alliteration by Stanley Snail.

Take a look at the little froggies today!

Look at what Amelia has made for Fidget, my pet fish.  What a kind girl she is and she has only been at our school for 3 days!  Thank you Amelia.  Fidget has asked me to tell you that she loves it, but she isn't very good at typing so she has asked me to type it for her.  
The caterpillars need to maintain their temperature so Mrs Carlile has tucked them into The Doctor's sleeping bag that was kindly knitted by Mrs. Bailey.  Thank you Mrs Bailey.  I bet you didn't think it would be keeping caterpillars warm when you knitted this! 

12th June 2014


Sorry parents but Mrs. Carlile has cast a spell and there are now 2 of each of your children. Look carefully at the photo!

16th June 2014


How is everyone's teams doing in the World Cup?  I think England should have brought me on as a substitute in the second half on Saturday night!  Year 2 are having a little World Cup competition (we are not gambling parents...honest!) and I got Ecuador!  I'm feeling lucky and could win the World Cup here!  Look at me on the lid of my tank reading the information about my team.  The children have been finding out about the flags by doing a World Cup Country treasure hunt around the classroom.  They all knew where to find Ecuador!

I'm really excited about the caterpillars...we have been watching them grow each day...
This morning they have started to form their is so exciting.
I tried to take a video of the caterpillars.  Look at the one in the chrysalis (Danny) is moving around a lot.  That is a good sign.  Sadly, I don't think one of the caterpillars has made it.  Gavin isn't looking too well on the floor and he hasn't moved for a while.  But I shall keep a close eye on him.  Keep fighting little man.  

Danny having a shake, rattle and roll.

Still image for this video

Danny, David, Simon and Paul look really healthy. David is doing his sit-ups!

Still image for this video

Mrs McKeating...we need you!


It would seem that my nursing and midwifery skills are just amazing at the moment.  We have lots more 'froglets' appeared this weekend...under my tender loving care of course.  


Mrs McKeating, please can you come and take them back to your pond before Mrs Carlile finds them hopping around the classroom and starts screaming?  Thank you very much.


I can't see exactly how many there are but there are at least 4 or 5. These are definitely girl frogs...Florence, Freda, Felicity, Francesca and if there is a 5th, Frederica.  I will let you know when we have counted them later.

Tuesday 17th June


This morning I counted 9 froggies jumping around our little pond.  Mrs McKeating has just taken them through to Year 4 to count them and clean the tank out.  I wonder how many she will find?  I might run out of names for them.  The other 4 are called Fiona, Faith, Faye and Freya.


 Mrs Mc Keating I would like these froggies released in your pond to either the 'Frog Chorus' by Paul McCartney or 'Freedom' by Wham.  Either of those will do nicely.  Thank you.

Mrs McKeating, I think this one would be the best...these lyrics are perfect.  I can imagine all my little froglets on your lily pads holding hands, arm in arm, all standing together...singing!

We all stand together...

Still image for this video
I'm pleased and proud to say that David, Simon, Paul and Danny have now all begun the magical process of changing into butterflies.  We are still a bit unsure if Gavin is the process on the floor or if he really is very poorly.  Unfortunately, we can't open the lid to check as it will disturb the other 4.  I have left Fidget in charge of these.
The chrysalides are now in their big tent.  All we can do now is wait for them to hatch into butterflies.  It might take up to a week.  I'm very excited.

Friday 20th June 2014




Luckily, Mrs Carlile came to clean my tank out at 'silly o'clock' this morning and didn't leave it until Monday!  After checking my TARDIS and log, which is where I usually hide, she dug around in the soil, trying to find me.  One hour later, she was desperate and called for Miss Hartley and Mrs Taylor to check the soil for me.  


They couldn't find me either, so poor Mrs Carlile had to go and confess to Mrs McKeating that she had lost me!  Mrs McKeating told her she would pray to St. Anthony for me.


Thank goodness the prayers worked!  Mrs Carlile had an awful feeling that the only possible solution was that she...yes you guessed right...had thrown me out with my old food.  Now the problem was that Mrs Carlile had changed my food very early yesterday morning...before the bin was emptied in class.  So Mrs Carlile knew there was no point looking for me in the class bin as the bin liner had already been thrown away in the skips outside!  


Mrs Glynn sprang in to action with Year 2's register and Mrs Taylor and Mrs Carlile went outside with Mr Glasgow who had kindly grabbed the top few bin bags out of the skips.  


Can you believe that the first bag that was picked out was the bag from Year 2!  Mrs Taylor and Mrs Carlile carefully lifted each piece of rubbish out to check if I was inside it.  Mrs Carlile found the paper towel with my old food in but I wasn't in that either!  After 10 minutes, Mrs Carlile spotted me in the bottom of the bin liner covered in pencil shavings!  


She screamed with delight as she hugged me and told me she was  sorry.  She carefully carried me inside and Mrs Taylor began to administer first aid to me.  First she gave me a warm bath with a soft tissue to get the pencil shavings off me.  Then she gave me a kiss and a cuddle and gave me some juicy lettuce to eat.  She wrote me a first aid slip which did say that she felt I was well enough to remain school and that I had had some TLC.  


What an adventure!  I had decided during the night that if Year 2 didn't really want me anymore then I was going to go to Brazil to watch my team Ecuador play tonight.  Mrs Carlile said it would be much safer for me to watch it on TV!  

Look how tiny I am and they still found me!

Yippee...Ecuador won their football match last night.  They are my team in the Year 2 World Cup gambling allowed! Go Ecuador! You were right Mrs Carlile, it is better watching the match on TV than trying to get to Brazil.  I don't think I would have made it on time to see the match! 

Monday 23rd June 


Today I met Bob and Brian.  They are huge! One day, I want to look like them.  I am tiny in comparison!  But then again, I am bigger on the inside.  Mrs Carlile told me that the best things come in little packages such as diamonds and Stanleys.  I agree!  Thank you Lola for bringing them in.  I didn't get much of a chance to see them as it is really busy in school due to fun week but Lola has promised to bring them in again next week.


Team Ecuador

Today I joined all the other members of the Ecuador Team and made a carnival mask. I made a huge mask for my tank and Mrs Howley kindly made me a mini mask for me.  I look fabulous!


Wednesday 25th June


Well, I don't mean to brag or anything but I truly am a great midwife (midsnail).  Not only did I give Mrs Hewitt great tips for when she had her twins yesterday, but I safely delivered twins in Year 2 today!  Yes, we have 2 new beautiful butterflies in our classroom.  Danny has hatched and you will never guess who the other one is!  It's GAVIN!  Mrs Carlile refused to throw him away in the bin last week (she didn't mind throwing me in the bin though!) and thankfully, Gavin has hatched into a handsome butterfly too.  They are just drying their wings out at the moment and Mrs Howley has frantically been pulling flowers out of her garden for them to sit on.  We are a great team in Year 2.

Gavin going for a walk!

Still image for this video

Gavin climbing. He looks really strong.

Still image for this video

Thursday 26th June


No more butterflies during the night but Mrs Carlile has just checked them and it looks like Simon and Paul might be ready to hatch into butterflies.  So, we may get another set of twins today!  I will keep you posted.  I think David will hatch tomorrow as he was the last one to hide in a cocoon as he was too busy doing sit-ups in the tub!  

My team did well in their match last night against France.  It ended in a draw 0-0.  However, it would seem that my Ecuadorian Dream is over as they haven't qualified to get through to the next round.  Oh well. Maybe in 4 years time when Russia host the next World Cup! 


The next set of twins have arrived.  Welcome to the world Simon and Paul.  Paul arrived first and Simon 5 minutes later.  These two are really strong butterflies and have been quite mischievous so far!  Danny is looking after Gavin who isn't doing as well as expected.  His wings are a little bit bent to the left and he was still stuck in a bit of his cocoon.  However, he has since freed himself of his cocoon but he is struggling with his wings. Luckily for Gavin, he is at the right place as we LOVE ONE ANOTHER at St. John's whether your wings bend to the left or whether they are perfect.  They are all God's creatures and we will look after Gavin the best we can.  Mrs Carlile made them some 'nectar' today from sugar and water.  They are loving it!  Mrs Carlile doesn't think it will be too long before David arrives.  He will be a bit late as he was too busy to become a chrysalis as he was doing sit-ups!
My friends in year 2 had a circus workshop today.  I was a bit sleepy so I sent Mr. Snail and The Doctor to watch.  They even had a go on some of the activities!
David has arrived! He hatched at 1pm. Mrs Carlile had been watching closely all morning. She went out for an hour and he hatched whilst she was gone.  Luckily Bertie was in charge and saw the miracle happen. He then showed Mr. Carlile. Take a look at the photos of them watching the butterflies. 

Bertie chasing the butterflies.

Still image for this video
Bertie made Mrs Carlile, Mr Carlile and the other Mrs Carlile giggle. He was desperate to get in the tent and get to the butterflies. Bertie thinks that if things move, they belong to him and want to be chased!

Monday 30th June


Today we released the butterflies.  We took them to the secret garden where we thought they might be safe (especially Gavin!).  Maddison took a 10 minute video so Mrs Carlile is going to see if she can crop it and put bits of it on may take her a while!  In the meantime, take a look at the photos Mrs Howley took.  Fly free little butterflies.  We've loved having you since you were baby caterpillars!  

Can you spot Gavin leaning to the left! He is still beautiful though.

Monday 30th June 2014


I'm so excited.  I've printed off the invitations to my 1st birthday party.  Mrs Carlile helped me fold them and put them in envelopes but she has made me write on the front of the envelopes!  I'm really sorry if you don't get an invite but Mrs Carlile says I have to limit my numbers.  Oh well.  I hope all my friends in Year 2 can come...and Fidget...and Bertie...and Mr Carlile...and Mrs McKeating...and Mrs Taylor (she is good at first aid!).

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