School is now closed for Easter. It will reopen for key worker children on Monday 27th April. Contack Mrs MrcKeating if you need support during the holidays,
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Stanley's Diary - October 2014

Thursday 16th October


Hello everyone.  This is Mrs Carlile typing.  The reason Stanley has been very quiet on his diary is that he has decided to go into hibernation (winter sleep) or aestivation (summer sleep)!  I have been keeping a close eye on him and noticed that he hadn't been eating over the weekend.  When I checked him on Monday, I discovered that he had 'sealed' himself into his shell.  After checking why this can happen, it would seem that our little friend Stanley was either too cold, too dry or just basically following his natural rhythm of life.  I'm guessing the last one as he is the most pampered snail in the world!  He now has regular warm baths to try and encourage him to come back out of his shell and has his heat pad plugged in so he can't complain that he is cold anymore!  I will keep you posted on his return!

Hi's me, Stanley.  I have finally come out of hibernation.  I have been hiding for 7 days now and have had Mrs Carlile really worried.  But,  I'm back.  And I'm really well and well and healthy as I have had a very, very long sleep!  Mrs Carlile managed to photograph me coming back out of my shell.

Stanley coming out of hibernation.

Still image for this video

Monday 20th October


Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all ready for our Great Outdoors Week.  I'm very excited as I love the outdoors.


Guess where I was this morning?  On top of the world!  Take a look at the photos of me.  Mrs Carlile and Mrs Parker watched me climb into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and then fly away to an outdoor adventure!


Where would you go if you could fly off in the T.A.R.D.I.S.?

Look at me!  I had a slight problem with landing my T.A.R.D.I.S. today when I arrived back from my travels.  I hope I haven't made a dent in Mrs McKeating's car...or Miss Hartley's car...or Mrs Clough's car...or Mrs Carlile's car!  I even landed inside Mrs Carlile's car at one point so I thought I'd better put my seat belt on.  


I had a few technical problems.  I even landed in the middle of a tree at one point and then I was surrounded by some giant purple flowers. Goodness me, what an adventure!

Picture 1 Where am I?
Picture 2 Can you see me inside my T.A.R.D.I.S.?
Picture 3 Boo!
Picture 4 Giant purple flowers.
Picture 5 Lost!
Picture 6 Stuck in a tree!
Picture 7 Crash landing in a tree.
Picture 8 Help!
Picture 9 Sorry Mrs McKeating!
Picture 10 Sorry Mrs Carlile.
Picture 11 Up on the roof!
Picture 12 Can you see me waving at the camera?
Picture 13 Sorry Miss Hartley.
Picture 14 Stuck in the wing mirror.
Picture 15 Ready to go on a journey with Mrs McKeating.
Picture 16 Saying hello to the Dalek!
Picture 17 Ready to set off...
Picture 18 All strapped in for my journey.
Picture 19 FREEDOM.......
Picture 20 Me on the Fenney Fold.
Picture 21 Sorry Mrs Clough!
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