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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Stanley's Diary - September 2014

3rd September 2014


Well, I am back in school, ready and waiting for all my new friends.  I have had a fantastic summer.  I went on my first holiday and then when I returned, I helped Mrs. Carlile and her family move last!  I've been really busy but Mrs Carlile has made me take a break from jumping around on a keyboard typing.  Guess what happened when I did!  Because I wasn't as active, as it is very difficult for a little snail to do lots of jumping around, I have grown.  In fact, I have grown over a whole centimetre in length!  I have nearly doubled in size!  Mrs Carlile nearly didn't recognise me as I'm such a big boy.  Thankfully, I'm still just as handsome as I was before.  Keep checking on here for updates of what my friends and I are getting up to in Year 2.  

Friday 12th September

Wow! What a busy week. My foot has hardly touched the ground! I've met all my new friends now in Year 2 and they all seem a really friendly, happy bunch of children.  I think I might just be as happy as I was last year.  I've already had lots of pictures drawn of me on put up on my notice board.  It is still lovely though to see my old friends from last year who are now in Year 3.  James very kindly brought me a yummy piece of cucumber in on Friday.  I was munching my way through it all last night.  Thank you James for still remembering me even though you are now in the juniors.  I was trying to do some balancing this week and slid along the arm of the Dalek in my tank.  It made Mrs Carlile laugh.  I can't wait to see what next week brings.

Well, I can't believe September is nearly over!  What a busy month I've had.  I have continued to grow and have been to Year 3 to see my friends from last year.  Mrs McKeating couldn't believe how much I had grown.

My new friends in Year 2 looking at me as part of their Science lesson.

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