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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


The peeping!

I said, "No peeping!"



Wow!  What a fantastic response to Fidget's first Challenge.  Thank you everyone who had a go.  Let's see if they were right!


For the numbers to increase in value, Maddison wrote:

100, 101, 102, 110, 120, 441, 444, 464, 986, 987

Is she right?  How do we know?


The numbers decreasing in value should have been a bit easier to work out as you could just put them in reverse order...if you had put them in the right place at first!


Maddison also had a go at Fidget's Challenge looking at 4 digit numbers.  Here's what she wrote.  

2345, 2211, 1999, 1814, 1876, 1874, 1636, 1421, 1320, 1164, 1061


Maddison has put her numbers in a decreasing order.  Has she put them all in the right order?



Stanley also had a go.  This is what he did. 


9876, 9543, 8675, 8765, 7654, 5634, 4567, 4432, 3214, 1234


Is Stanley correct?  How do you know?  Look carefully!

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