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The Doctor's Adventures with the Children 2013-2014

Monday 2nd June 2014


In true Time Lord style, The Doctor has been in 3 place at once over the half term break.  He spent the week with Kayleigh and her family and visited lots of exciting places such as Thornton Hall Farm and he went to the cinema to see the Lego Movie.

He also spent the week camping with Alfie and his family.  The Doctor learnt how to brush his teeth properly and he was very impressed with Alfie's fruit and vegetable creature!

Alfie also wrote a lovely poem about his time with The Doctor.

28th April 2014


Well it looks like The Doctor is an official BURNLEY fan.  He has been to lots of home games and now has his own official Burnley badge.  Thank you Ruby and Oliver for taking him this weekend.  

April Holidays 2014

Just to prove how brilliant The Doctor is at time travelling, he is going to be in not one, not two, but three different places at once over the holidays.  Here is the first picture of his time travelling adventures. Can you tell where he is? 

The Doctor went to Disney Land in Paris with Ben and his family. They had a fantastic time.

The Doctor also went on a trip to a farm with Ben and Loui.

As part of his time travels over the April holiday, The Doctor spent time in Egypt with Tilly, Charlie and their families.  They had a fantastic time.

The Doctor went to watch Burnley play Doncaster on Tuesday evening. He must have been a lucky mascot as Burnley won 2-0. He would now like a Burnley football strip!

The Doctor has been helping Grace and Evie bake some biscuits and cakes to sell in Year 2 for St. Joseph's penny. They did a super job.

The Doctor visits Poppy's house. He came back with a new pillow to put in his sleeping bag. He now has the best nights sleep.

The Doctor went to visit Tegan's house. He had a fantastic time.

The Doctor spent Shrove Tuesday back with Logan and his family.  Yet again, he had a fantastic time and even managed to eat a pancake...with jam on it!  Yummy.  He got up to lots of adventures including going on a zipwire!  
The Doctor has had a fabulous time at a wedding with Evie, Jake and their Mummy and Daddy. The Doctor even managed to have his photo taken with the bride and groom. 
The Doctor spent the February half term with Logan and his family.  He has had such a busy time and is now lying down in a dark room recovering.  I can't believe how much they managed to fit into a week....and after eating all those fish fingers and custard!  Check out his new glove...kindly knitted by Logan's Grandma.
Take a look at the photos of The Doctor's second adventure with the Bailey family.  Mr Snail also makes an appearance! 

The Doctor's Adventure with the Bailey Family - Christmas 2013

Have you a question you wish to ask 'The Doctor'?

The children have been asking lots of questions about' The Doctor'. Please send your messages to him and he will write you a reply.

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