Thank you to the Edwards family for baking 250 cakes and biscuits. We have raised £140 just from the cake sale for Children in Need.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Picture 1

We have managed to fit a whole continent in a box!

The children have been using reasoning to help them understand and explain some division problems.  They needed to build penguin enclosures (squares) using matchsticks.  

Building Penguin Enclosures.

The children have been inspired to create some digital art of some of the videos and images that Mrs Carlile has been sent of the Antarctic.  These were sent by Lee Thomas who was working in the Norwegian Research Station in Troll in the Antarctic.  Lee has taken some amazing photos using his drone.

Lee stood on top of a huge mound of rocks in the Antarctic.

Lee stood on top of a huge mound of rocks in the Antarctic. 1

The children designed Lee on top of the mound of rocks in the Antarctic. Mrs Carlile was impressed with their use of different tools to create texture and depth to the picture.

ADAPTATION - The children created a new animal that was adapted for life in the Antarctic.

The children learnt how Emperor Penguins stay warm by moving to the middle of a huddle then swapping over.

The children have drawn some amazing images of Emperor Penguins which live in the Antarctica. These images are going to be sent along with some letters to various Research Stations in the Antarctica.

Year 2 are making an Antarctic scene in a box.  The first layer is complete!
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