School closes today for half term and re-opens on Monday 25th February at 8.55 am. We hope you all have a wonderful break.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Nature Club

Living Things
This week, nature club have been looking at the impact in the change of weather on our surroundings. We have considered how this might affect our local birds and insects and our trees and plants.  We recycled some plastic to make miniature greenhouses to protect our daffodil bulbs from the icy weather. 
This week the nature club have been learning about different groups of living things.  We have been playing games and using flow charts to help us identify which groups various living things belong to through their features. We have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and which creatures belong in these categories. 
Nature club learning all about species in the area they live and developing skills to identifying trees through repetition, games and art. These children have been learning their names, uses and fruits they might produce. If they name 5 types of tree they get a prize. The art work they have produced uses items we found in local woodland.
In this berry squishing activity the children were given the opportunity to explore how plants disperse seeds via animals.  We looked at seasonal local fruits blackberries, hawthorns, rosehips, elderberries ect and discussed where animals would find them and who would eat them.
Local Birds
Nature club are spending time this half term learning about birds native to where they live.  We are linking up with the RSPB and their national bird survey.  The young people have been learning to identify local birds through games and art and have been encouraged to watch birds at home and report back what they see so that we can contribute to a wider survey.  The group has discussed the challenges birds face in winter and we have planned to make feeders and bird boxes.

Today at the lunchtime nature club the young people planted daffodils that we can enjoy next Spring when they are ready. We learnt about the best times for planting and the significance of this particular flower.


"The plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"   - Audrey Hepburn

This week the nature club has been continuing to learn about wild birds that they would see around them in Lancashire.  Through games they have learnt about their habitat and features and with art they have appreciated their beauty and looked closely at photos to draw them using oil pastels.
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