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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


School Council


St John's are very proud to announce that our new School Councillors have been chosen. 


The voting took place in each class and each child was asked to vote for a boy and a girl who they felt best lived by our school motto, 'Love One Another'.


  Each class has two Councillors except for Years 5 and 6 which have four each. 


Mrs Clough is  proud to be working with the Councillors this year and will be helping the children in their meetings and to promote their ideas.

What is a school council?

A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.


"School council" means all kinds of school-based groups run by students, including student forums and youth parliaments.

Autumn 1


Our first job was to speak to all our classes and explain a questionnaire that we wanted completing. We completed this in our PSHE lessons.

The aim was to find out what the children of St John's thought was working well and what things we thought needed some improvement.


After we had collated the responses from all the children in our class council books, three of our Year 6 children took the results to an SLT meeting.


We discovered that the main thing bothering our Juniors is the need for new toilet facilities. This came up the most in our findings.


Mrs McKeating was very impressed with our findings and said she would take them to a Governors meeting.


From our findings and the Governors meeting, Mrs McKeating is asking for some money to improve our toilets!


We were very impressed that the children in the school are listened to and their requests are taken seriously when put forward in an organised way.


That certainly was a good job done in the first half term. 

Spring term 2022

This term we have become Eco Warriors and Leaders in our school. We have been working with Mrs Jones and Miss Armstrong and have spoke to all the children in our classes. We came up with some ideas for our school to try to have a positive impact on our planet. 

  • Sort out leaky taps
  • Separate recycling bins on our playground like we have in classes
  • Lights off
  • Doors closed
  • More care to be taken of equipment
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