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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 11th February

Happy Thursday Year 4, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's tasks! 

Don't forget to meet me on Microsoft Teams at 9:35 every morning, to go through your tasks. It should be easy to join through the calendar by clicking on the meeting on that day, and you will be waiting in a lobby until I open the meeting. Please make sure you log on and join the meeting because I will be doing a register!

Remember you must blog me every day now! Click on the 2016 blog post to see all year 4 blogs and Mr Steele blog post to see mine.

If you have trouble accessing and completing any work get an adult to email me so I can help. Parents/carers can email me on:  

Keep reading (GETEPIC) and logging into TT Rockstars daily also!

Have fun and keep active! Here are your tasks for today, take your time and have breaks in between each task:


PE today: Family Fitness LIVE with Bex from Burnley Leisure. Have fun and stay active!


Task 1: English

LO: To read the seventh chapter of Matilda and answer guided reading questions.

Read and watch the video the seventh chapter 'Miss Honey ' of Matilda. (The video of me reading the chapter and explaining the questions is on the School Videos section of the website under Videos for Year 4 2020 2021 the link is below and the video is called English Task: Thursday 11th February).

Then answer the guided reading questions neatly into your exercise book. Do not rush this and keep going back to the text to find and support your answers. Blog or email me your work. Enjoy!

When you have finished draw a picture of Miss Honey using the descriptions in the  book to help you.  


Task 2: Maths

LO: Multiplication patterns

Today we will be exploring the patterns which different multiplication tables create on a 10 x 10 square. We will begin by sharing the efficient mental strategies which allow us to identify multiplication facts in the 6x and 12x multiplication tables. We will then explore other multiplication tables, shading the multiples and exploring the patterns, similarities and differences that exist within them.

Click on the link below and follow the video lesson from Oak Academy. Copy any work/worksheets into your exercise books. 


Task 3: Music

LO: Samba Music

Hello everyone

This is our last samba lesson before the half-term so we are bringing all our learning together. Here is a summary of your 5 tasks. Read the word document attached below carefully for all your information and instructions. I hope you enjoy today's lesson!


ACTIVITY 1: Recognise and clap rhythms in a piece of samba music


ACTIVITY 2: Create a question and answer call

Y5 Extension: Create a beginning and end for your samba


ACTIVITY 3: Add your calls into the samba

Y5 Extension: Add your beginning and end to the samba


ACTIVITY 4: To keep the pulse using basketballs to 'The Hall of the Mountain King' YouTube clip


ACTIVITY 5: Don't Clap this one back fun game using the YouTube clip


Blog or email your teacher in the normal way to let them know how you got on. Enjoy!

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