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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 29th January

Good Morning Year 3!


I am so impressed with all of you! We had nearly the full class on Education City yesterday, well done! You are all going to be geniuses on the computers when we have finished this lockdown!! 


Today you have 3 tasks:


1. Maths - I will post the answers on the blog at 2pm for you to mark your own work. Please comment with your score. 

2. English 

3. Science


I would also like you to do some reading on get epic and play on TTRS. I will post the winners of the TTRS tournament on the blog around 2pm. 


Happy Friday! Have a wonderful day and then guess what... You get two days off!!! wink


Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To complete an arithmetic paper.
Today you are going to complete an arithmetic paper. You can either print out the test and do it on the sheet, or work out the answers in your squared pages book.


LO: To design a healthy snack.

To start our lesson, you need to follow the link below and then watch the video. Today you are going to be designing a healthy snack. I’m sure you’ve worked out the link to our Science now!!


If the teacher asks you to pause the video and do a task in your books, make sure you pause it. Listen carefully to the teacher and then send me a picture of your work on my email. Enjoy!


LO: To create a food diary.

This week in our Science we are going to be looking at the foods that we eat. If you look in your Home Learning Pack, you will find a worksheet with the title ‘My Food Diary’. On this sheet I would like you to draw and label the three meals that you have had one day this week. I would like you to also write next to them what food group that belongs to. Here’s my example:


Yoghurt – Dairy

Granola – Grains/Carbohydrates
Apple - Fruit



Chicken – Protein
Salad (cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce) – Vegetables
Avocado – Fat
Banana - Fruit



Beef burger – Protein
Cheese slice – Dairy
Potatoes – Vegetables
Green beans and broccoli – vegetables

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