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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 5 and welcome to the start of a new week. I hope you’re ready to work hard this week and impress me with your work. Please keep up with the emailing and blogging. We are very nearly at the end of the year but must keep up our good work. I hope you all had a lovely weekend even though the weather was rather wet and windy!


Here are your lessons for today:


Today is the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul. St. Peter and St. Paul were highly influential in sharing the Good News of Jesus and their example can inspire us to live a life of faith. For today’s assembly, we would like you to open up the PowerPoint and read the information. At the end, perhaps you could say a prayer and remember that we are all part of God’s family.

LO – To
suggest how a character is feeling through their thought processes


For the next few lessons, we are going to have a look at a book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. It’s a picture book and tells a brilliant story without any words! Watch the video clip below and/or the picture slides. You will be able to follow what is happening in the story by carefully studying the pictures. It’s about a very strange occurrence in a town!


Now, I would like you to do 2 things.


1. Use your summarising skills to write a short description of the “big picture” of 3 different pages of the text (you can choose which 3 pages you want to do). I want you to paint the most vivid picture that you can using only two or three descriptive sentences.


For example, for page one and two:


A peaceful moon illuminates a gently undulating pond with a soft light. The only movement, other than the gentle bobbing of lily pads, is that of a geriatric turtle settling down to sleep.


2. Choose a character in the story – either a human or an animal. Create a third person paragraph about the thoughts and feelings of that character experienced in one image. Use “show don’t tell” techniques to show how the person or animal is thinking or feeling. Below is an example. I have chosen the man who is sat in his kitchen who is absolutely flabbergasted with the sight he is seeing!


His mind felt as though it was in turmoil as he saw the bizarre scene ahead of him. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the strange scene in front of him. Could this actually be happening? A slow, smug grin stretched across the frog’s usually benign face – this could be fun! He thought he must be having some sort of dream (even though he was fairly certain he was awake).Bewildered by the peculiar sights, he ran to the window and literally couldn’t believe his eyes. Flying frogs? Was it for real? How utterly astonishing!

LO – To calculate the perimeter of a shape


Today we are going to be revising over finding the perimeter of a shape. Perimeter is a measurement of length. It’s the distance all the way around the shape and we calculate it by adding the lengths of the sides together. The units for perimeter are units of length like mm, cm, m and km. The video below will give you more information so watch it and listen carefully.

Calculate perimeter

Now complete the worksheet I have uploaded below and then mark it. Let me know your scores through email or the blog.

Review of living things and their habitats unit


We have spent a lot of time (started in school and finished at home) on the science unit - living things and their habitats. Today, we are going to sum up that learning and complete a range of different questions based on what we have done. Some of the questions you may know the answers and remember learning about them but you may need to do some additional research for some of them. There are 2 parts to this lesson.


  1. Log on to Education City and complete the assessment which is under classwork (29/6/20 – Living things and their habitats). Take your time and concentrate.
  2. Complete the questions on the document below. Some are easy but some need some careful thinking. When you have finished, you can mark your work. Please let me know how you do!


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