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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 9th October

We have a 'God's Wonderful World' theme week next week. It would be lovely if you could take part in our whole school project! Please see the information on the slides below.

Hello Year 2,


I hope you are all ok! You are working so hard in school and I am so proud of each and everyone of you. Your homework over the last few weeks has been very impressive too, please keep it up! laugh


Maths- Addition and Subtraction (No Regrouping)

This week we have been solving sums using column addition and column subtraction.

Please could you set up and solve the following sums in your red book in column addition and column subtraction?


Success Criteria

  1. Write HTO
  2. Write in the 1st number
  3. Write in the 2nd number
  4. Put the + or - on the left, next to the 2nd number
  5. Draw a big equals sign underneath with a ruler
  6. Add or subtract the ones FIRST
  7. THEN add or subtract the tens
  8. Add or subtract the hundreds LAST
  9. Check your answer


  1. 324 + 425
  2. 612 + 174
  3. 471 + 228
  4. 562 + 124
  5. 337 + 262
  6. 526 + 273
  7. 562- 121
  8. 789 – 267
  9. 868 – 356
  10. 743 – 331
  11. 692 – 551
  12.  783 - 461



We are working really hard practicing our handwriting and punctuating our sentences. 


Correct the punctuation in the sentences from the sheet below with capital letters, full stops and question marks. Please copy the corrected sentences into your red book, using your best handwriting.



Once completed, please could you take photographs of your homework and send the pictures to my school email or put them on the school blog.


I will be checking online so that I can tick off your name in my register when you have finished each task.


*Please remember to read EVERYDAY!*  


We are changing reading books every Monday and Friday.

Please make sure you bring your books to be changed on these days.


Thank you for all your hard work.


Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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