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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all feeling okay today, I look forward to seeing you online this morning. For today’s session you will need a paper or whiteboard and pen. Make sure to be online straight away then we can play a little game.

Not long now till we are all back together, I am very excited to see you all. Today find below your lessons in Phonics, English, Math’s and PSHE.

Have a lovely day and work hard.

Miss Armstrong laugh

How To Dance - Bubble It

Today we are going to focus on o-e, you might recognise some other words below have a look.

Here is a link below for more information on the split digraph.

Phonics: O-E Sound/Words (Split Digraph)

Please can you then complete the worksheet below.

I have attached a Phonics game below, click on the link. You will need to click the phoneme to complete the levels. Each time you complete a level you receive stars.


So far, we have found out that the girls have found the Bog Baby and are having lots of fun. However, the Bog Baby has started to feel unwell. Today I would like you to create instructions of how we can make the Bog Baby feel better.

 I would like you to write step by step instructions using these words below to begin your sentence.

Please see below your worksheet for today.


Today we are going to have a check of our super number knowledge before we return to school next week. Please click on our number song first and then click the Learn Screen below.

The Big Numbers Song

Order numbers within 50

Then complete the worksheet underneath.


As we will all be returning to school next week I would like you to complete this worksheet below. Everyone in Year One, is a little jigsaw pieces, unfortunately our jigsaw hasn’t been completed since January.

Do not worry it is about to be complete on Monday! laughheart

Family | Jack Hartmann

I would like you to complete a jigsaw piece, I have attached this below. Please then send a photo of your jigsaw and return this to school next Monday so I can create a wonderful display of all your fantastic jigsaw pieces.

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