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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 25th February 2021

Hello Year One,


Today you have a busy day of learning, Mrs Clough has attached your new Topic for this term. You are going to be exploring History and learning about Castles. This is very exciting and I hope you enjoy learning lots about this topic.


Remember for this morning’s online session can you make sure you bring a whiteboard and pen or a piece of paper and a pencil. We are going to be doing a little game.


Today you have lessons in Phonics, English, Maths and History. Keep up the great work as tomorrow I will be choosing the home learner of the week.

Have a lovely Thursday!

Miss Armstrong smiley

The Floor Is Lava! | Jack Hartmann


For your phonics lesson today carry on practicing your spelling ready for tomorrow mornings session. I have three tasks for you to complete today.

Task One: I have attached a split diagraph a-e worksheet from Education City.

Task Two: Can you complete pages 26-27 in your Phonics Booklet.


Task Three: I have attached a phonics game below, you will need to read the questions that the Yeti asks. Read the questions very carefully and click Yes or No depending on your answer.


LO: To continue writing a story using descriptive language.

This week we have used lots of describing skills to explain what our new character looks like. Today I would like you to listen to the first part of a story. This isn’t Bog’s story this a different one. Whilst you are listening to the story look at the image, let your imagination wander. Once you have listened to the story can you continue the story?

Click on the link below to find out more, you can write you piece of work inside your workbooks.




Ahoy me hearties! The pirates were so impressed with your directional skills yesterday. They have asked if you could join their crew they have given you a reward of your very own treasure. If you would like to receive the treasure you will need to create your very own instructions to find out where there hiding. Good luck shipmates!

The Prepositions Song

Hello Year 1!


I do hope you had a lovely Half Term.

It's History for us this Half Term and as soon as you all return to school we will look very carefully at Castles and at how England was invaded.

I will also be sharing my favourite poem with you about a battle that we will be talking about.

Today I would like you to have a careful look at the slides on the Power Point and also ask your Grown up if you can search for more castles on the internet afterwards.

Then I would like you to get a large sheet of paper ( you could even join some smaller pieces together) and design a castle of your own. I would like you to label the different parts of the castle and colour it beautifully too.

I cannot wait to see your Castle designs!

Thank You

Mrs Clough

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