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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday Year 1


I have a super duper surprise for you today!


Mrs Glynn went to see Mrs Maxwell and Mrs Maxwell recorded her memories of VE Day.


I wish I could be there with you all as you listen to it.


Mrs Maxwell dressed up for the occasion too. LOOK!



You can find out what she wanted to tell you under today's work here.


After PE with Joe today I would like you to access Education City for Maths.

Today's work is all about missing numbers in number problems and is called


Missing Number Problems


There are three activities on the screen and three worksheets to access.


Next I would like you to use your Targeted Comprehension books. Please turn to page 13 and look at and read the speech bubbles.


Write in the missing words in your best and most careful handwriting.

Then I would like you to listen to what Mrs Maxwell tells you about her thoughts and feelings on VE Day.

I would like you to draw or paint or collage a picture with some people on it having a bonfire like Mrs Maxwell explains.

In your big yellow book I would like you to draw some more speech bubbles and in these write what you think people around the bonfire would be saying to each other.


How would they feel?


What might they be planning to to now that the war is over?


Who might they want to see return from the war?


I would like to see at least another 6 speech bubbles with beautiful writing in.


Please send me your Pictures, paintings or collages and your writing as I have promised Mrs Maxwell that there will be lots of work for her to look at on our web page and she is really looking forward to it.


Don't let her down!


Thank you for continuing to send in your work via the Blog or email. I love to see you at work and smiling.

Love Mrs Clough





Mrs Glynn and Mrs Maxwell. Please listen Year 1

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