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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 24rd February

Good morning! I cannot believe that once again we have reached the middle of the school week. I’m so pleased that you are continuing to work so hard at home. Not long until we are all back in the classroom! Your work was excellent once again yesterday and you amazed me at how fast you were on our puzzle game on TEAMS!


Here are your lessons for today. Please remember to work hard and email or blog your work.

LO – To use inverted commas and other punctuation to punctuate direct speech.

Today’s lesson is on inverted commas, also known as speech marks. There are 2 parts to the lesson and you need to complete both.

1. Click on the link below to complete the lesson on Oak Academy. This is quite a simple lesson and should remind you on how to use inverted commas correctly. Please make sure you pause the video and complete the tasks when your teacher tells you to.

2. Below is a conversation between Pandora and the spirits that come out of the box. However, the conversation has no speech punctuation at all! I would like you to re-write the conversation adding in the inverted commas and other punctuation. Don’t rush this and think about your handwriting. The video below may help you if you are still struggling where to add the punctuation. REMEMBER – NEW SPEAKER, NEW LINE!

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

LO – To calculate the perimeter

Today we will continue with perimeter. Please watch the video below which will guide you through your learning. Then complete the worksheet and mark your work.

Optional task – Have a go at the sheet below if you want to continue with your learning.

LO – To practice Samba rhythms

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your half-term holiday. Here is your music lesson for today. There are 4 activities to complete and they are explained on the document below. Click on the link to the school videos part of our website to listen to the explanation of the rhythms. Finally, watch the video below to complete your fourth activity. I hope you enjoy this lesson!


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