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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning Year 3!

We are having a lovely sunny week aren't we! I always feel so much better when the sun is shining! 


Today you have 3 tasks:


1. Maths

2. English

3. Music


Remember to also:

-Practise your exercises for the Lenten Challenge

-Play on TTRS

-Read on either get epic or a book!


Have a great day!

Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To subtract lengths.

Continuing with measure, we are looking at subtracting lengths today.





You need to watch the video carefully below, pausing it when you are asked to complete activities. Then you have a worksheet to complete that I have attached below

Subtract lengths


LO: To answer inference questions.

Today’s English lesson is focusing on inference questions. These are sometimes a lot trickier so make sure you take your time.

I would like you to click on the link below, and follow the instructions from the teacher throughout the lesson. Any activities she asks you to do, you need to write them into your lined paper books.


Hello Year 3! Mrs Jones here with your music lesson. Today you are going to visit the lovely Ms Boyd again at the Oak Academy to continue your learning on musical textures. She will ask you to recognize a melody with accompaniment. Then she will teach you a fabulous ‘blues’ song which you will sing with the accompaniment in the background. There is a final drawing task to do at the end so make sure you email this to your teacher. I hope you enjoy this lesson and I can not wait to see ALL year 3 in school next week!

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