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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year 5. I hope you are well. Thank you for continuing to work hard. I hope you’re all still happy and smiling. Please try and post on the blog today or email your work. Only 7 more days left of home learning left now!


Here are your lessons for today:

LO – To write a diary entry.

Another film clip today! Watch and enjoy the opening to the Pixar short clip Partly Cloudy up to 4:19 mins. Don’t watch past as I want you to make a prediction!


Based on what you have watched so far, make and write down a prediction on how you think the film clip will end.

Partly Cloudy

Now finish watching until the end – was the ending as you predicted?


Your task is to imagine you are the cloud in this film. Write a diary entry of the day based on the events from the film. Before writing your diary entry, make notes about the events of the day – thinking about the cloud’s thoughts, feelings and actions and any words or phrases which you may wish to include. You may wish to use the planning format below.


Events from the film

Thoughts, feelings and actions of the cloud – words and phrases














After planning your diary entry, write it – including your ideas for each section. Please remember Year 5 writing expectations (‘ing’ and ‘ed’ openers, relative clauses, parenthesis and noun phrases etc.) and put all your effort into it. This may be your last, longer piece of writing you do in Year 5!


Please write these in your book or type them up and send them to me. I shall look forward to receiving them!

LO – To read and interpret data in a bar chart.

Please log in to Education City to find your Math’s lesson ‘8/7/20 – Bar charts’ and complete the games and the worksheet. Remember I am tracking who completes this so please ensure you do.

LO – To learn about the didgeridoo.

The final stop on our world tour is Australia and in today's lesson you will learn about the didgeridoo. The video clip below will give you more information.

What is a Didgeridoo?

You now have 3 tasks.


1. After watching this clip, make up 5 quiz questions about the didgeridoo to ask an adult in your family or your teacher. Write them in your exercise book underneath today’s date and LO.


An example is: Where in Australia is the didgeridoo from? (Northern Australia)


2. Write 5 interesting facts from the clip that you can remember about the didgeridoo for example, a didgeridoo is an old instrument from North Australia.


3. Australia is our final stop on our world tour. Which instruments and music that we have learnt about over the past couple of weeks have you found the most interesting? If you could choose one of these places to visit to experience the music in real life – which country would you choose and why? Write your answer in your book under the questions and facts about the didgeridoo.


I think my favourite was China, the music is so calming and peaceful. I also think the instruments make a beautiful sound.


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