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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Hello Year One,

You have all made a super start to your final week of home learning. I have been very impressed with everyone’s reading and phonics skills. Make sure to keep up the hard work all week.

Today you have lessons in Phonics, English, Math’s, Religious Education. Remember today to be ready online for your online session so we can have a game of phonics bingo.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Armstrong smiley

Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk Dance Tutorial


Today we are going to focus on another split digraph this one it  u-e.

Have a look at the image below you might recognise seeing this split digraph

Here is a link below for more information on the split diagraph.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /u-e/

Task One: Can you find things that are in your house with the split digraph like Geraldine?

Task Two: Complete the worksheet.


Today we will continue with part 2 of the Bog Baby. I wonder do you think it was right for the girls to go fishing on their own? Can you write your answer in your workbook in a full sentence? Then watch the video below for Part two of the story.

The Bog Baby Part Two

Still image for this video

Today we are going to look at the suffix ing, a way to remember this is the King of ing.

Phonics Kingdom 7 Perfect Pronunciation - Adding -ing

Please complete the worksheet below, can you please write sentences including the words.


Today in Math’s a little gnome needs your help he has made a few mistakes with his patterns. Can you access the link below and then complete the two worksheets below?

The Patterns Practice Song | Math Songs | Scratch Garden

I have attached a little game for you to play called Planet Pal. You will need to look at the different patterns on the dogs and click the one that is missing. You can either click slow or fast pace. Good Luck!smiley

Religious Education

Today we are going to look at the last supper, this is a special time during lent. Click on the link below and listen to a video explaining all about the Last Supper.

Once you have watched the video can you complete the two tasks below.


Task One: Can you write a few sentences to tell Miss Armstrong what happened at the last supper. Click on the worksheet below.

Task Two: If you had a last supper what types of things would you eat and drink? Who would you invite to your meal?

Can you write down your answers in your workbooks and then draw everyone and the food that you would eat at your last supper.

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