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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 28th January

Good morning Year 5. I hope you’re all ok and working hard. Please make sure you send me your work by the blog or email. I haven’t heard from quite a few of you this week. I know some of us may be finding it difficult at the moment but we must try our best and try to keep positive.


Here are your lessons for today. Please also read on GETEPIC or a book of your choice.

LO – To use factual language

This week, we have read and learnt many new facts about different animals and creatures. Which has been your favourite? Mine was the emperor penguins! Today is an exciting lesson because you are going to choose your own animal to research and write your own non-chronological report. I hope you are ambitious in choosing your animal as I want to learn lots of new facts and read about unusual creatures! You have 2 tasks to complete.


  1. Open up the non-chronological report I have uploaded below. Read it carefully and look at how it is presented. It includes a heading, subheadings, pictures, picture captions and factual paragraphs. Answer the following literal, quick fire questions below. Remember you just need to write the answer and the answers are in the text.


2. Choose an animal of your choice that you would like to write your report about. Click on the link below which will take you to the National Geographic website which may help you choose. I am going to give you the choice of how you would like to present your report. You may write it in your book or you may type it. Remember to make it look presentable by adding colours, pictures and fact boxes. I will also be looking out for your English skills. Can you try and add some relative clauses, parenthesis and varied sentence openers?


This lesson should take you quite a while and I do not expect you to rush through it. I can’t wait to read your finished reports!

LO – To multiply and divide by multiples of 10,100 and 1000

This week we have revisited multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 100. Today we are going to be looking at multiplying and dividing by MULTIPLES of 10,100 and 1000. Please watch the video below which will guide you through your lesson. Then complete the worksheet and mark your work.

The following worksheet is optional if you finish your work quickly and with ease.

LO – To develop an understanding of our diocese.

Please go to the school video page and find your lesson ‘RE – 28/1/21’ under videos for Year 5. Listen to me guiding through your lesson. Pause the video when I ask you to complete an activity. There are 3 activities that you need to complete.

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