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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 2nd March

Hello Year 4 and happy Tuesday! Keep up the amazing work you are doing and send it in to me! Only 3 more days left, fingers crossed!

Blog me your favourite joke today!

Use this website to help:

Don't forget to meet me on Microsoft Teams at 9:35 every morning, to go through your tasks. It should be easy to join through the calendar by clicking on the meeting on that day, and you will be waiting in a lobby until I open the meeting. Please make sure you log on and join the meeting because I will be doing a register!

Remember to keep blogging or emailing me every day! 

Keep reading using the GETEPIC website or app and logging into TTRS daily also!

Have fun and keep active! Here are you task for today:


PE Today follow the instructions on the video and PDF attached below: Lancashire School Games - Stay at Home Heroes (Week 6 - Golf Challenge "Putting Practice"

Week 6 of the Lancashire School Games - Stay at Home Heroes Challenge. This week it is golf and the "Putting Practice" Challenge


Task 1: English

LO: Reading comprehension

Follow the slides below and read the text carefully. Answer the questions the best you can into your exercise books. I will blog the answers later at 1.15pm today so you can mark your own work.

Composting with Grandpa reading comprehension.

When you have finished I would like you to log onto GETEPIC and read carefully for at least 20 mins and write a comment onto the blog like you would in your reading diary. If you can’t logon you can use a reading book you have at home.

Check out my blog post to see my reading comment, for my favourite book! 


Task 2: Maths

LO: To understand what a fraction is?

To access today’s Maths click on the links below:

One is the video lesson

One is the work sheets to complete

One is the answers
Watch the video lesson, then click on the activity PDF. You can either print of the work sheet and complete the work, or copy the answers into your exercise book. After you can check your answers with an adult clicking on the answers sheet! BUT NO CHEATING! Enjoy!

What is a fraction?


Task 3: French

LO: To use the conjunction 'et'.

Bonjour! Today is our last lesson in the series of Oak Academy lessons. You are familiar with these lessons now, so please click on the link below to access the lesson.

You will be asked to complete some tasks as you watch the video, please complete the work in your books. You will be using your knowledge of colours to describe more than one animal in the same sentence. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'

Once you have completed the Oak Academy lesson there is a worksheet below. You have to match up the French words with the correct English translation.

If you do not have a printer at home don't worry - copy out the French phrase and write the English phrase next to it.

I can't wait to see you all back in class next week!

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