School is now closed for Easter. It will reopen for key worker children on Monday 27th April. Contack Mrs MrcKeating if you need support during the holidays,
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


A History of St. Johns

On Friday 24th October 2014, workmen arrived to redecorate the art store room in school.  It was only when the room was emptied that the back of the art room door could be seen clearly.  


It became apparent that in the past, we have had quite a few VANDALS in our school when they were pupils, especially from the 1960's!  We were quite shocked to see so many familiar names inscribed on the back of the door, including one of a certain GILL STOCKTON.  This person went on to marry a Mr. Byrom and is currently teaching at this establishment.  We hope that these children who recognise their names on the back of the door are ashamed of themselves and have gone on to greater things than vandalism!


Some of the photos aren't too clear due to the age of the writing and the fact that the teacher photographing them was too busy laughing at the door which we would like to keep unpainted for posterity!   

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