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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 18th May

Good Morning Year 1 and Happy Mondaylaugh


I cannot believe that this is the last week of this half term! It has gone so very fast indeed.


I want to start this week with a certificate for you all.

I keep saying to you and your grown ups how impressed I am with you all and as usual, last week was no exception.


So under here is your certificate.


If I put it here for you all to see then you will be reminded how amazing you are.

 I have received work and photos and descriptions and videos. The videos are here on the website next to Class Pages when you scroll down. You have become chefs and painters and gardeners too! Fabulousyes


Today I would like you to get going with Joe first of all please.


Next I want you to think about Phonics.

The one thing which we sometimes get a little forgetful about and Mrs Glynn always reminds is is SPLIT DIGRAPHS!

Today's work, therefore is a review of all of these. Remember they are the vowels, a,e, i, o and u.

When they are in a word and split with an 'e' after their sound  changes.

The work is on Education City and is called Phonics Monday 18th May.


Next I would like you to think about money again. I have some activities do complete with your Grown up and they will be asking you to look carefully at coins and notes again.

Remember what they are called and how much they are worth. Which are worth less than others and which are worth more.


Think carefully pleasewink




This activity will help your child become familiar with UK coins and notes, and with the idea that amounts of money can be added together as numbers.


 Important words and phrases:

 money

 pence

 pounds

 1p/2p/5p/10p/20p/50p/£1/£2 coin

 £5/£10/£20/£50 note

 How much is that altogether?


You will need:

 coins and notes (either play money or real)

 colouring pencils or pens

 purse (optional)



What to do:

 Look at the different coins and notes. Help your child to identify each one.


Ask, for example:

o “What is this coin? What is this note?” 

o “Which of these is a 5p coin? Which is a 20p coin?” 

 Practise making a set of coins and working out the amount with your child.


 Say, for example: “Find a 5p coin. Find two 20p coins. How much money is that altogether?” 

 Ask your child to make a set of coins totalling a particular amount (up to £1).

Choose an amount that can be made with the coins you have. If you have one, you could ask your child to put the amount of money in a purse for you to check.

 Ask them to think about whether there are different ways of making the amount with the coins you have.

  Repeat this activity with different numbers, asking your child to make particular amounts of money and find different ways of making them with the coins you have. 

 Once your child is working confidently, you can ask questions like these:

o “What is the smallest number of coins that you need to make 57p?”

o “Put in 10p more. How much money is in the group now? How much will there be if we put in another 10p?”


Talk about:

Use everyday opportunities to practise working out amounts of money with your child.


For example, ask your child:

 to tell you how much money is in your hand, purse, wallet or pocket

 what coins or notes you can pay with, to pay exactly

 to count your change.


Finally I would like you to think about your homes again and the plans we made and the safe route work and road crossing work you have been doing.

I would like you to draw me a map or plan of a route from your house to your favourite place to go and play with your family.

I want to see what buildings you pass and draw me a route (a line with arrows to show the direction) from your home to wherever it is that is close by your home that you like to go to.

I would draw a plan or map of mu house, down the road to the Park. I like to go there to walk my dogs. However, whilst thinking of this activity I nearly changed my mind and decided to go right down the lane to the stream where the dogs love to go!

You need to make your decision and complete the route .


I have recorded another poem just under here on this page.

You have heard it before.

Can you learn it whilst at home I wonder?

It is another silly one so enjoy!


Please send me your work by email or on the Blog as usual.


Thank you Year 1


Have a lovely Monday


Love Mrs Cloughheart







Be Glad your Nose is on your Face

Certificate Year 1

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