RECEPTION 2023 ADMISSIONS - We are holding open sessions at 2pm on the following dates if you would like to come and have a look around school - Wed 14th Sept, Wed 5th Oct, Wed 2nd Nov, Wed 7th Dec and Wed 4th Jan.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Lesson 1

In Art at school, we are learning all about Street Art. This kind of art has a powerful effect on people. They either love it or hate it! Have a go at the following art tutorials on how to draw street art. Don't worry if you haven't got colours, a pencil drawing is fine. Sketch it in your work book or on a plain piece of paper. When you have finished, take a photo of it and upload it to the BLOG. 

How To Draw The Word Art (Simple Graffiti Style) + Challenge Time

Learn how to draw the word art in simple graffiti style! Plus, stay until the end for this week's CHALLENGE TIME! #howtodraw #artforkidshub🎨 ART SUPPLIES ...

How To Draw A Skateboarder Doing A Kickflip

Learn how to draw a skateboarder doing a kickflip. This lesson is meant to be simple, for young artists, but still fun for older artists. Also, don't forget ...

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