From 5/1/21 School will be closed. Only vulnerable children and the children of critical workers are able to attend. Work will be provided on the class pages.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Lesson 1

In DT at school, we are learning about bridges and how to construct them. Have a go following this art tutorial on how to draw Tower Bridge in London. Sketch it in your work book or on a  plain piece of paper using a pencil. When you have finished, take a photo of it and upload it to the BLOG. Can you remember the names of the different parts of the bridge?

How to draw London's Tower Bridge

Learn how to draw London's Tower Bridge Real Easy with Shoo Rayner, the author of Everyone Can Draw - the book that teaches you how to draw Real Easy! You ca...

Lesson 2

Challenge yourself to this more difficult sketch of Golden Gate Bridge in the United State of America. Compete your work in the same was as before and then upload it to the BLOG. Good luck!

How to draw the Golden Gate Bridge EASY - San Francisco landmark

How to draw the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco CA Simplified version of the famous bridge landmark, I hope to make it accessible to draw for just anyone, ...

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