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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 4th May

Hello Year 4, Happy Monday! I hope you have all had a great weekend! Keep blogging and commenting on my blog post each day when you have completed a task! Any other questions and help you can blog or get an adult to email me:

If you need another exercise book and on your daily walk you pass school you will see a box with exercise books in which you can take 1 lined and 1 square book for your home learning.

Keep having fun and stay active, learn a new skill maybe?

This week we will be celebrating Victory in Europe Day or VE Day, find out as much as you can about this historic day when we celebrate the day World War 2 ended!



Task 1: Maths

LO: To divide 2-digits by 10 and understand hundredths

To access today’s maths click on the link below:
Complete lesson 1 and 2 from week 2, (remember to scroll down and click on week 2, not summer term wk2), watch the video lesson, then click on the activity. You can either print of the work sheet and complete the work, or copy the answers into your exercise book. After you can check your answers with an adult clicking on the answers sheet! BUT NO CHEATING! Enjoy!

It looks like this:


Task 2: English

LO: To complete a reading comprehension

The PDF link below is your VE Day comprehension task called: CARNABY AVENUE VE DAY STREET PARTY! Read the poster and letters and complete the questions below. You can either print off the task or copy and answer the questions into your exercise books. 

Pictures of the VE Day comprehension task


Task 3: Science

LO: To understand different types of teeth and how to care for them

For the first part of this task log onto Education City, click on classwork and then click Science Task: Monday 4th May and complete each activity.

Next use the information on these slides to create a poster (on paper or on the computer) to teach children the importance of keeping your teeth healthy.

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