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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Forest School

WOW! We absolutely loved our Forest School morning with Hedgehog. It was definitely worth the wait! Year 6 children behaved excellently and were able to enjoy exciting new skills such as: whittling pegs, using a steel and flint to make fire, making a torch and then finally we enjoyed toasting marshmallows. 

Forest School Session 2

Year 6 enjoyed another FABULOUS Forest School adventure with our leader, Hedgehog. Today, we played an exciting game of hide and seek (at speed) and then found answers to a WWII quiz without letting go of our partners. Finally, we were expert 'Wood Kids' and used a bow saw, a drill and hammer and nails to make a wooden poppy. Well done on your amazing behaviour and team work skills Year 6!


Forest School Session 3

For our final Forest School session, Year 6 enjoyed their favourite hide-and-seek game followed by WWII games and quizzes. Then children split into 3 teams and each team built a defence structure out of wooden poles, panels and a tarpaulin. After this, the teams made improvised stretchers from wooden poles and waterproof jackets - we tested them and they worked! We ended our experience by toasting marshmallows over the fire and eating them with delicious biscuits. Thank you Hedgehog! 

Forest School Session 4

Despite the blustery conditions, Year 6 were delighted to return to Forest Schools and their outdoor learning with Hedgehog. After some warm up songs, we learned about mini beasts and their habitats. Then we dispersed with magnifying glasses and containers to find some. Finally, we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit then played our final fun game.

Forest Schools Session 5

The sun came out to warm Year 6 up this afternoon during our wonderful Forest School session. First of all we sang ‘Down by the Bay’ then we played our favourite game called 21. Hedgehog then explained that we were going to create a micro bio diverse environment by digging 5 small ‘washing-up’ bowl sized holes and then fill them with pond water to attract water-based creatures such as frogs, newts and  water snails. Year 6 set energetically to this task and also practiced some wood-whittling skills. After a busy afternoon we finished by trying our hand at archery! Year 6 most definitely enjoyed their action-packed afternoon! 

Final Forest School Session

This afternoon was fabulous! Year 6 children chose to complete a variety of interesting tasks such as: digging a micro pond, building bird boxes, using a flint and steel to create sparks or playing Forest School games. Hedgehog treated us to toasted marshmallows at the end of the session which were delicious!


RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2023

Because Hedgehog had helped Year 6 make and install bird feeders, we thought we would stealthily creep into the Secret Garden to see if any birds had used our new feeders. Using the RSPB bird identifying sheet, we were able to spot several coal-tits, pigeons, blue-tits and robins in our garden. It was beautiful just to stand quietly and listen to the bird-songs. Mrs Jones sent in our results to the Big Garden Birdwatch survey.

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