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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 30th April

Hello my lovely Year 5s! I was so happy yesterday as I heard from most of you. Your stories were absolutely fantastic and I loved reading them. You should be proud of yourselves. Please make sure you either post on the blog or email me to show me your work. There are still a couple of you to complete your Maths work on Education City from yesterday. You seemed to enjoy the Emoji Book Challenge yesterday! I have put the answers on the blog. Here is your work for today.

LO – To identify a range of phrases and clauses

Today is a grammar lesson and you will find your questions by clicking the link below. When you have finished, ask somebody to mark it for you (the answers are also there but please don’t cheat) and tell me your score by posting on the blog or emailing me. You will find questions on: main and subordinate clauses, noun phrases and relative clauses, all of which we have done in class.



A noun phrase is a small group of words which contains a noun but doesn't contain a verb. A noun phrase usually contains a noun plus other words (adjectives) to describe it.

Main clauses make sense on their own but subordinate clauses don’t. Subordinate clauses include a subordinating conjunction

A relative clause (you should be experts at these) must include a relative pronoun (who, whose, which, that, where, when).

LO – To solve multistep word problems involving all four operations

Click on the link below which will take you to your Maths questions. Make it full screen and zoom in for you can see the questions. Choose part A, B or C and complete the same section on both pages (so you should be doing 10 questions in total.) Take your time with them and don’t give up.


LO – To explore the geographical features of North America.

First of all, I thought it might be fun to complete a Kahoot on New York as I know you loved the topic whilst we were studying America. When putting your name in, please can you put your proper name so I can tell who is who! It’s not just as easy for me to ask who it is now we are not together in class! Click on the link below which should (fingers crossed) take you to the game.

Next, I want you to think about the landscape in North America as it is extremely varied. Look at the slides below on some of the different landscapes. Create a poster promoting the top ten wonders of North America. Choose which three features you think are most impressive, write a brief description and draw a picture for each one. You can either do this in your exercise books or on your laptop using Microsoft Word or Publisher. You could even create a PowerPoint and send it to me.

Keep working hard and keep in contact with me. I’m missing you all so please make me smile!

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