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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Our topic this half term is the Victorians. Click on the PowerPoint slides below and then the worksheet to complete your lesson.

Lesson 1

LO - To understand some of the changes that took place for poor children in the 19th century

Read through the PowerPoint slides below. They explain that the reasons for the poor working conditions of children during the Victorian era was largely due to the fact that there were no laws to protect children like there are today. This, on top of the changes that took place due to the Industrial Revolution, meant that children were often ill-treated.


Then click on the worksheet document and choose your work. 

Lesson 2

LO - To be able to compare modern and Victorian schooling.

Read through the information on the slides about Victorian Schools. Then, you can:

  • Click on the document below and choose a task. 
  • Create an information page or PowerPoint on Victorian schools

Alternatively, you can complete the lessons below which are all about America (our topic in Summer 1).

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