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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday June 8th

Good Morning Year 1 and welcome to week 2.


I hope you have read what Miss Dewhurst wrote that has been asked of us all by the Pope today.

It is a simple thing but many prayers will make a difference.

Please try to take part I know I will and I will be thinking of you all praying with me.heart


Miss Dewhurst has sent this weeks assembly here


Here we are in the second week of the Summer Term. We are going to look at Phonics, length and History today.

Mr Steele has sent some new PE lessons too. If you want to continue with Joe Wicks ten you do that, or Kidz Bop, or Maximo. But here is the work sent by Mr Steele.


So to day you are going to be measuring things for Maths and the words for the week are length, longer than, shorter than and the same length as.

You need to log into Education City and look for


Look and listen carefully to the learn screens and then carefully work your way through the questions.


Next it's Phonics. We will look at the sounds 'ay' and 'ea' today. Look and read carefully.

The work is on Education City and is called



Finally today I want you to watch Magic Grandad again. He is going back in time to see holiday entertainment this time. When you have watched I would like you to do the same as last week and make a table which shows the similarities and differences between entertainment now and then.


Just to let you know Year 1 that when George and his dad went to the field yesterday to see the birds, two of them had escaped! They had found a teeny tiny hole and clambered through. Anyway, George got them back in (the dogs were not very helpful!) But then another one got out from another hole and we have been unable to get that one back yet! We thought they would be very timid but they most certainly are not! We have every confidence that we know where the escapee is and will get her this morning.


You will also be very pleased to hear that Mrs Maxwell is very fit and well and is going to contribute to our work next week. She is going to record herself talking about holidays when she was a little girl in Blackpool. I'm sure we will learn a lot from her. I can't wait to hear her tales.


Enjoy your work today and be kind and helpful to your Grown ups please.


Love Mrs Coughheart

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