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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Letters & Sounds in Nursery

Much of our Letters and Sounds work in Nursery is based on the sounds around us.


First of all we encourage the children to use their ears and listening skills to identify sounds in the environment, sounds controlled by their body or sounds made with intruments. 


We develop the children's responses to sounds- clapping, stamping, stop/starting or moving in time to beats. 


We learn to clap syllables in names such as Ma-til-da (3 claps)  or Thom-as (2 claps) and in other words. 


We also sing, recite and play around with rhymes, leading to children being able to identify pairs of rhymes and make up their own rhyming string. 


Once children are secure with this, we look at the sounds made by letters for words. We identify initial sounds in names, for objects, animals etc. We practice saying the sounds correctly and using our mouths in the right way. We correct immature proununciations eg lickle / little and encourage the children to repeat and copy longer word strings. 

Phase 1 letters and sounds areas for focus in Nursery - Practice these when you are playing at home

Correct pronunciation of the phonic sounds is ESSENTIAL

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