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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another





This is the place where you will find information about our Weekly Stay & Play Sessions for toddlers and caters, the provision we offer at Nursery for Rising 3s and pre school children and where we share Nursery news about what we are doing in class with our current group of children. 

St John's Nursery Class 2022-23

In our Nursery there are two teachers:

Mrs Barker and Mrs Clough 

and our Teaching & Learning Assistants

Miss Barnes and Mrs Cumming

We also welcome students from local colleges on work placements.  


  • Nursery starts each day at 8.45am. If your child requires morning only sessions (15hrs a week) they should be collected by 11.45am (doors open at 11.30). 
  • The morning session ends at 11.45am when those children who stay all day (30hrs) have their Packed Lunches (11.45am-12.15pm) which they bring from home before continuing the day with the afternoon session.
  • The Nursery Day finishes at 3.15pm (doors open from 3.00pm). All children should be collected by 3.15pm
  • All Nursery Children receive free milk and a fruit snack each morning and have access to indoor and outdoor provision throughout each session. 
  • We have access to the school grounds and facilities and also join the rest of the school for important occasions and celebrations and for school masses in church. 
  • All Nursery sessions are Teacher-led.


Every child will be allocated a Key Worker who will make sure they are always settled, happy and learning.

Parents & Carers will be able to contact the Key Worker by email at


How to apply for a place at Nursery...

You can fill in an initial application form at the school office for your child from any age 0-3 years. You will need suppporting documents such as:

*your child's birth certificate

*their baptism certificate ( if they have been baptised) 

*a utility bill as proof of address and your own ID


Applications will be looked at in the term prior to children being due to start and admissions granted according to the admissions criteria for Nursery. We accept children as Rising 3s from their 3rd birthday or the term after that. We will contact all parents who have applied for a place. 


Once a place is confirmed, you will be invited to collect an admissions pack and be given details of our induction procedures. 

What will we be learning? 

Our Picture Gallery

Look at all our learning! 

September 2022- July 2023

July 2023 - Celebrating our Nursery Year and all our leavers! 

We all loved Pass the Parcel!! We ended the party with more dancing prizes and then milk and a cake before hometime!

We played Musical statues, musical chairs and bumps!

Party food- thank you to everyone for their donations

Playing duck, duck, goose! It was very funny!!!!

July 2023- Dancing competition!

June 2023- Bowland Wild Boar Park..... The Adventure Playground!!! Hooray! We all loved it! Thank you to all our helpers and the staff at the park for a lovely day

June 2023- Bowland Wild Boar Park- After lunch we had a bumpy tractor ride and we got very close to some other animals: Kelloggs the corn snake, Millie the millipede, a giant African land snail & an emu egg . We all got the chance to touch or hold or not!!!

June 2023- Bowland Wild Boar Park.... We played in the barn before lunch... it kept us dry from the rain shower

June 2023- Bowland Wild Boar Park - we held a chick! 🐥

June 2023- Our EYFS trip to Bowland Wild Boar Park.... We saw all kinds of animals- pigs, piglets, goats, wild boar, geese, ducks, meerkats, cows, donkeys, sheep and Guinea pigs.

June 2023- Summer is here! Keeping cool at Nursery...water play, moving boats with water power, new water scales, paddling in our foot spa and lots of fun!

June 2023- Practising fine motor, writing and pencil skills

May 2023- Break the Rules Day

May 2023- Measuring and Comparing Vocabulary. Can you compare using short, shorter, shortest or long, longer, longest? Get three sticks and try it!

May 2023 - Using core strength on the Trim Trail.... How would you swing on the tyre? We saw some good turn taking today too!

April 2023 Jack and the Beanstalk

April 2023: Discussing numbers, matching numerals, using 10s frames and having fun finding out

April 2023: Happy Easter Everyone and Welcome to our new starters!

April 2023- Our Train Ride Experience! We caught the train from Hapton to Accrington. We had a good look around the Bunker at Accrington and saw all the old signs in the classroom. We crossed over the bridge above the railway line and waited on the platform for the return train! Everyone was a Superstar!! Thanks to Shaniesta from the Rail Network and all our volunteer helpers.

Spring 2023 Activities- We have been busy planting, observing nature and new growth and looking for signs of Spring!

April 2023 - Physical fun in the Hall... can you crawl, slither or slide along the benches or go under and through the tunnel?

March 2023: Our Class Assembly - We were so proud of all our children this week. They were amazing performing songs, dances and teliing stories to the whole school and their own families! Well done to all our Nursery Stars!

Click here to watch our Class Assembly 

March 2023 - Fun on World Book Day! We held a Bedtime Story Day and invited Parents and families to come along and share a story. We also had Hot Chocolate and biscuits so we felt extra cosy!

February 2023: Our Class with new friends from the January intake - Happy Half Term Everyone!

January 2023 - Inspired by Artists.... We looked at some famous winter scenes and decided to make some ice. We watched it melt and enjoyed touching it too. We hid animals in our ice blocks and then watched them re-emerge! Our next idea was to make a skating rink for the Happy Land people- just like in the painting we had seen. We loved making the people spin and glide across the ice...

January 2023- Today we celebrated our EYFS Liturgy with Fr Allan in church. We gathered around the Baptismal Font and said "Thank you" for all our blessings.

January 2023- Expressive Art & Design- Winter themed colour mixing.... We mixed different shades of blue to make winter icicles. We said the colours were like Elsa’s dress in Frozen. We also watched a clip of some Russian ballerinas dance to the Snow Queen story and looked at their blue and silver costumes too.

January 2023- It’s Snowing!!!!! We tried to catch the snowflakes. Some were quite big...... we were sad when it stopped!

January 2023 - Fun in the Hall with Reception and the Sportscool coaches playing UV Dodgeball..... we loved our glow in the dark kits!

January 2023- Welcome Back Everyone! It was lovely to see everyone and catch up with friends!! We’ve also welcomed some new friends to Nursery this week...

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to all our families and thank you for all your good wishes, cards and gifts. xx

December 2022- Party time! We had a great time playing games and passing the parcel! We loved the party food too!

December 2022- A visit from Father Christmas!

December 2022: Nativity Characters.....Don't we look amazing in our costumes! Travellers, musicians, soldiers, angels and a star!

December 2022: Our Nativity Play.... "A Bundle Of Joy!".....We were fabulous and made everyone very proud!

December 2022: Forrest School Fun....Jingle sticks, Nativity hunt, Reindeer food and toasting marshmallows! Yummy!!

November 22 - Odd Socks Day for Anti Bullying Week... we are all different and special

November 22- Busy together: sharing, playing, talking,turn taking, cooperating, teamwork and lots of fun!

November 22 - We remember the soldiers who died in the wars with artwork- printing and paint sticks

November 22: Autumn festival and firework fun! Using mixed media and tools to create firework effects

October 22- Autumn Festivals... pumpkins, carving, painting, potions, spiders, textures and fine motor skills

October 22: Our last Theme Week Task was a Reading Task. We love reading stories and so we all went to the the Library and choose a Bedtime Story..... What a busy week we have had... Happy Half Term Everyone!

October 22: Theme Week- Creative tasks..... we used our leaf collections to make pictures and collages. It was sticky and messy and lots of FUN!

October Theme Week: Wednesday PM- Circus Skills!!!!! We had a great time learning new skills with Reception.... The Circus Man showed us how to juggle scarves, balance feathers and lots more! He even gave us a little show!

October Theme Week: Wednesday AM - We used the Autumn Leaves we collected yesterday to show offf our Artistic Skills with paint and printing.

October Theme Week: Tuesday PM Physical Challenge... Can you travel along, under, through, up, down and then end with a two footed jump and landing... phew- we all did it!!!

October 2022: Theme Week Badge Activity - Monday... Food preparation skills. We made toast & used the knives to butter it and spread jam. In the afternoon we decorated cakes. We earned 2 stamps on our certificate!

October 2022- Forest School Video 2

Still image for this video

October 2022 - Forest school session video 1

Still image for this video

October 2022- Forest School Fun with our Leader Hedgehog! She made it so much fun.... We learned all about forest school safety, found and decorated tree cookies, played Pirates and collected autumn treasures and lots more... We can't wait to meet Hedgehog again!