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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 15th July

Hello Year 1 and Wonderful Wednesday to you!


It was a delight to see some of you yesterday as you visited school.

It really made my day.


Today please keep active and get on with your Year 1 work as tomorrow is the very last time you will EVER be a Year 1 personsurprise


First to Maths. Just the answers please as usual.




For English I want you to write about your time in Year 1.

Tell me all about it.

Try to answer these questions as you write.

Who were your teachers?

What topics have you enjoyed?

What were the best books we read together?

What are your favourite memories?

What have you achieved this year?


Finally I want you to be creative again please.

This time I want you to look forward to Year 2.

Draw me a picture of Miss Dewhurst ( or do something else creative!) and around it please write things that you want to do in Year 2, what you want to become good or better at and what you are looking forward to. 


Thank you Year 1 I'm looking forward to our last day together tomorrowheart


Love Mrs Cloughheartheartheart

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