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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Welcome to Nursery.

Our Happy team consists of Mrs Clough, class teacher, Miss Barnes and Mrs Bracken, nursery nurses and Mrs Barker who joins us on a Tuesday Morning. We also welcome Students from the local colleges and this term Miss Spencer has joined us.

We are always available to talk to both before and after sessions. You can let us know of anything to celebrate with your child or of any problems or difficulties your child is experiencing.

Thank you !

Our Nursery Prayers

Morning Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Please look after my family at home

My friends at Nursery

And all the other children at St John's school

Thank you Jesus


Afternoon Prayer


Bath and bed and storytime

A kiss to say goodnight

Thank you God for happy days

And cosy sleep at night


(Ask your child to show you the actions to this prayer)


We have been very busy this half term.

We love to write in mess and outdoors too.

Look at our fabulous edible wands. We really are full of magic now!

Wizards, Owls and a wet Tri-Wizard tournament!

Look at our super counting and number recognition.

We love to use the water butt to collect water to pour down the ramps

Stay and Play. Wednesday mornings in Nursery 9-10am.

We made some number biscuits. We had to use our counting skills because Mrs Clough would only let us put chocolate drops on them if we could say a number, then count up to that number and then put the correct number of drops on the biscuits. Before we could eat them we had to use language like one more and one less too. We needed to be very careful with the tiny chocolate drops and use our pincer grasp in order to pick them up. It was very hard work but we enjoyed the biscuit eventually.
Mrs Bracken brought her sewing machine into Nursery on Friday. She showed us how to use a tape measure and how to use the machine. She made us some new aprons to wear when we play in the water tray. It was very interesting.

Sewing with Mrs Bracken

We went for a walk on Friday with Miss Barnes and Miss Spencer. We went in small groups and looked at numbers on doors and on cars. we looked at the names of the roads around our school and what we would buy if we were going to the shop. Some of us met some policemen in their van and they stopped to chat to us!
We have decided to introduce something new and very special in Nursery this Spring. Each day the teachers will be thinking very carefully about how hard the children have worked and how they have followed the Nursery rules. We will be seeing who has been a good friend to others and has followed our school mission statement. Each day we will then choose a STAR OF THE DAY! This child will receive a special certificate to take home and lots of smiles from their teachers and friends......when will it be you?

Another walk around the Local Area

We celebrated Chinese New Year. It was yummy! We tasted different foods and all had a try.

This week we have been using toys to print with and trying to make The Marvelous Toy from our story and song.

We love being busy and working together!

Let's start a band.

We made some super aliens using paint and playdough

Our exhibition

We had a sudden outbreak of illness in Nursery. It's a good job there were lots of doctors present.

Today (5th March) we played outside. The weather has been good this week and we decided to go on a journey. We built a train that became a car and then a boat. This strange vehicle could be driven by more than one person at a time and at either end!. It was made of tyres at first and then we added crates to it. We had a great afternoon!

Preparing for our assembly.

Goldilocks and the three bears. Story telling and porridge eating!

Our friends in Year Three came to share their stories with us.

We went to Tesco in Padiham to find out where our food comes from

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