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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



English Homework

There are TWO parts to your ENGLISH homework. They should both be completed by Friday 4th December.


Learn your 10 spellings at home for a test next Friday.

You have a GREEN English Homework Book to use if you wish to copy out your spellings to help you learn them. You could ask a family member to test you and use this book to write down the words. Keep this GREEN book at home. Do not bring it back to school. It is to help you learn at home.


This week we are going to revise a simple grammar rule which we frequently forget.

Log in to the school blog. Look at the activity below. There are 10 sentences. Decide whether to use WAS or WERE to complete the sentence accurately.

If the subject is singular (I, he, she, it) then choose WAS.

If the subject is plural (we, they) choose WERE. 

Type these 10 sentences ACCURATELY into the blog.

Upload your work. If you prefer, you can complete this activity in your GREEN English homework book, take a photo of it and then upload it to the BLOG. Only your teachers will see your work.

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