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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another





Lesson 1:


LO: To identify the perfect ingredients for an Ideal Family.


As we have been looking at how we should treat one another in our families, I would like you to think of all the ingredients we would want in an Ideal Family. For example: kindness, manners, love and forgiveness.


When you have had a think about all the qualities we need in an 'Ideal Family' write them as a list with the subheading Ingredients. Just like you are writing a recipe!



Lesson 2:


LO: To write a recipe for an Ideal Family.


Using the ingredients that you came up with from last lesson, write a method for your ideal family.

You will need to use imperative verbs (bossy verbs: put, mix, stir etc) and time adverbs (next, secondly, finally etc) we have used these in English so you will be fantastic at using them!


Don't forget to write things such as 'follow in Jesus' footsteps' and 'say our prayers' as these are all things that would make an Ideal Christian Family.


I can't wait to read your method! 

Lesson 3:


LO: To reflect on when we have shared with people in need.


Read the passage from the Romans below (a book in the Bible). 


Discuss the phrase from Romans, ‘share what you have with people in need.’


I then want you to think about a time when your family at home or in school have shared with people in need.  Write about this time and tell me what you or your family did. Draw a picture of what you did. In your writing, give reasons for your actions: Why did you help that person? How did you share what you had? Did it feel nice to share your things?


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