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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 29th January

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the week and you have now completed 4 weeks of home learning. I received some great work yesterday and you all seemed to enjoy researching an animal and creating your own report. I learnt so many new facts and enjoyed looking at the different pictures you found. Theo did an excellent report on American Alligators and I also loved reading a wonderful piece on Cobras. Definitely 2 animals I would not like to meet! Lucius’ report on the Eastern Bluebird was also amazing and I think I would be happy to see one of those. Well done to you all for working so hard.


Please try your best and work hard today and then have a wonderful, restful weekend.


Don’t forget to email or blog your work.

Reading comprehension and spellings.

Today is Friday so we are going to do a reading comprehension and a spelling activity. You must do both of these activities.

  1. Please get your CGP Comprehension book from your pack. Turn to page 8 and read the text called ‘Tales of King Arthur’ Then answer the questions on page 9. Take your time and think carefully.
  2. Log on to Education City and find your spelling lesson – ‘Spellings 29/1/21.’ The spellings this week are all homonyms. These are words that have the same spelling but have a different meaning. Please complete the activity and the worksheet.

Mental Arithmetic and TTRS battle.

Today I would like you to complete 2 activities.

  1. Complete the mental arithmetic test below. There are 28 questions. When you have finished, please mark your work and let me know your score. Please don’t cheat.
  2. I have set up a boys vs. girls battle on TTRS and I would like you to participate. It begins at 7am and ends at 3pm. The boys were the champions last time but can the girls do it this time? There are many more boys in our class so the girls will have to work super hard!

LO – To compare the usage and water availability in Kenya and the UK.

In today’s lesson we will look at how water is used in the UK and Kenya, in Africa. Your lesson is on the school videos page under videos for Year 5. Watch the video where I will talk you through your lesson and explain your activities.


Here are the sheets I talk about in the video that you will need to use.
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