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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 12th January

Good morning! I cannot believe how impressed I am with your work. The standard of work I am receiving off some people is absolutely fantastic and you are all working so hard. Please be thankful to whoever is helping you at home.


As well as your 3 tasks today, I would also like you to:


* Read – Make use of the getepic website (I’m checking your activity!), read a book from home and/or read Danny the Champion of the World.

* Practice your times tables and play on TTRS

* Exercise

As always, please make sure you send your work by email or the blog.


LO – To read and answer questions on a discussion text.

Yesterday we looked at the features of discussion texts and sorted statements into ‘For and Against.’ Today, and for the rest of the week, we are going to look at whether animals should be kept in zoos or circuses. Today you have 2 activities to do in English.


1 – Log in to Education City and find your work 12/1/21 – English debate lesson. Complete the activity which focuses on for and against points.

2 – Read the text below and answer the questions in your book. Alternatively, you can type your answers into the school blog.


LO – To interpret negative numbers

I received some brilliant Maths work on negative numbers yesterday and I was also impressed with the children that were in school. Well done! We are going to continue with negative numbers today and look at some more complex word problems. To begin with, please watch the video below. Pause the video and work out any questions that are asked.

Negative Numbers

Then I would like you to complete the questions in the document below. Click on the link which will take you to your questions. Take your time and try your best. There are a mixture of questions and some are a trickier than others! Mark it when you are finished and let me know your score.

LO – To know the names of French sports


Hello year 5. This week we are going to start our new topic all about sport. Your first lesson is all about learning the names of sports in French.

The PowerPoint below has all the instructions you need. You will be using an online dictionary to translate the names of sports into French. Once you have translated all the names of sports, there are 14 sentences that you need to write. Complete your work in your books and then try to blog or email pictures of your work.


Have a good day, Mrs Miskell

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