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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are ok!

I am so impressed with how many of you are accessing your tasks, the activity on Education City this week has been amazing!!! I love seeing how you get on, so thank you heart I hope you are all managing to look after each other. Please carry on trying your best, you are super stars!laugh


Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 


I am consistently monitoring your activity on online resources. Please make sure you’re accessing your daily tasks and making time to exercise!


Wednesday 17th June     17/06/2020


Maths- 2D shapes

Please log onto Education City, find classwork ‘Maths 17/06/2020’ and work your way through the learn screen and activity. There is then a worksheet underneath for you to complete. If you wish to print it, please do. If not, please write ONLY the answers into your red book, you do not need to draw the shapes.



English- To use expanded noun phrases.

You are going to design a brand new ice cream to sell. It’s going to be incredibly unique and delicious.


On a plain piece of paper, please draw the outline of an ice cream. (If you want to print one, I’ve put a document below)


Then, I would like you to draw and colour in your ice cream template, including your OWN CHOICE of flavours of your ice cream, toppings, the cone and if there is a toy or something stuck in the top.


When you are happy with it, around the edge, please label your ingredients using expanded noun phrases (1 or 2 adjectives to describe your noun, for example, a sweet, blue bubblegum ice cream scoop, crispy, multi-coloured rainbow drops or a crunchy, chocolate cone) Be creative!


You need to think of a name for your new ice cream and write it at the top!

I think mine would be 'Bubblegum Blast!' cheeky


Tomorrow, we will plan a persuasive advert for our ice cream!

Geography- To explore how the seasons affect life on a farm.

Please click on the document below and read the power point slides.

Make a farming season wheel. In your wheel, I would like you to write a sentence and draw a picture in each section to show what happens in each season.


Please see the document below.


If you want to print it, you can, if not, just draw a circle in your yellow book and make your own smiley


Have a lovely day. laugh

Love Miss Dewhurst x

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