From 5/1/21 School will be closed. Only vulnerable children and the children of critical workers are able to attend. Work will be provided on the class pages.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



The following lessons focus on Advent

Lesson 1

LO - To know Advent is a time of waiting

Read the information on the PowerPoint below which is all about the Advent wreath. 

Then you need to:


1) Fill in the table below explaining the meanings of the candles (if you cannot print it off just draw the table in your book)

2) explain the symbolism of the advent wreath (think about the circular shape, the holly, the candles and the white candle.)

3) explain how lighting each candle on the wreath relates to Christian belief in waiting hopefully during Advent.

Lesson 2 

LO - To know Jesus is a light in the darkness that brings hope.

Read through the information on the PowerPoint below. Particularly look at the picture of Jesus and what you can see around him. What might the objects symbolise? 


Now, after looking at the picture of Jesus, finish the sentences that are on the last slide.

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