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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 11th December

This week's spellings:























English Homework:


This week Year 3, I would like you to write a detailed account of something your elf at home has done! (If you don't have an elf you may use your imagination from some of the ideas we talked about in class). I would like you to write it in 1st person... So you are the elf!! We have practised this in School when we wrote from the point of view of Starjik. 


I want you to include the following:

- lots of adjectives

- adverbs to describe verbs

- similes and/or metaphors

-expanded noun phrases



I can't wait to read your work, send it me on email!  

Maths Homework:


This week Year 3, the first thing I want you to do for your homework is log onto Education City and find the Homework called 'Maths Homework 11th December'. Go through the learn screen. 


Then when you've done that, you need to complete the worksheet below with column multiplications on. You can either print the sheet or do it in your Maths Homework book. 


Remember I can check if you have been on Education City. I look forward to seeing your work! 



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