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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 12th June

Good morning Year 5! It’s Friday! What a brilliant, hard-working week you’ve had. I know there has been a lot of reading and a lot of grammar to do this week and you have produced some excellent work. I hope you enjoyed doing Art yesterday. The pictures I received were great!

Today there is another TTRS battle. The boys have won for the last 3 battles and the boys seem to be winning in other classes across the school too. Come on girls you can do it! Give it your all today!

Here are your lessons for today. Work super hard and then you can have 2 days off.

LO – To use descriptive language and to infer an image

Today’s lesson is all based around a picture. You’ll see why I’ve chosen this picture and this work in your English lessons next week. Have a look at the picture of the lighthouse and imagine what it would be like to be there. Then on the next slide, read the story extract.

I would then like you to answer the following questions in your books or on the blog. Remember, some of the answers are your thoughts and have no right/wrong answer.


  1. Describe what it feels like to be caught in a storm.
  2. What do you think the men heard when they were listening to the storm?
  3. Who might the men in the lighthouse be?
  4. Why are the huddled together?
  5. What is the purpose of a lighthouse?
  6. Find and copy 2 phrases which show the men were scared.
  7. Explain the meaning of besieging.
  8. Does the author make the storm sound mild or severe? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

Now I would like you to use some descriptive language (you know that this is my favourite!) You have a choice of what to do. Either:


  • Write a short description of how it feels to be caught in a storm using the 1st person. Instead of saying ‘I was scared,’ try to think about what other things that might happen to your body when you’re afraid. What happens to your heart? What happens to your skin?
  • Re-write the sentences below adding in high-level description to make them more interesting. Put them into a short paragraph like the example.

I would like to see these so please remember to email them to me or post on the blog. Remember Year 5 writing expectations (expanded noun phrases, parenthesis and relative clauses etc.) when doing your work.

Mental Arithmetic & TTRS battle

It’s arithmetic day! Read the questions carefully and take your time answering the questions. Mark it when you have finished and send me your score through the blog or email. 



LO – To understand the giving of the Ten Commandments

Read the information on the slides below and then watch the video clip.

The Ten Commandments

I would then like you to write the speech that Moses gave to God when asking for his help to establish the rules by which they were to live. You should also include God’s response. An example is shown below.


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