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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Hello everyone, smiley

Well we have had the lovely news last night that I will have you all back in class on the 8th March. I am looking forward to seeing you all and having everyone back together.

I was very impressed with everyone’s nature exploring in science yesterday these were fantastic. I never knew how many scientists I had in my class.

Today you have lessons in Phonics, English, Maths and Religious Education to complete. Remember try your best, you are all working incredibly hard!

Have a lovely Tuesday.

Miss Armstrong heart

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫


Today in Phonics we are going to look at another alternative for ai. Another way which we can write the sound is by the split diagraph a-e.

I have attached a video that will explain the cheeky letters and why they are split up.

Phonics: A-E Sound/Words (Split Digraph)

Once you have completed the video please then access the worksheet attached below. Can you spot the images that have the split diagraph a-e? 

I have also attached the link for phonics play game, click on Phase 5 and the split diagraph a-e. Look for the real words and nonsense words.


LO: To create, draw and label a character and use adjectives.

This character is called Bog, he is a little creature with a big story to tell us all about in a few days.

First though have a look at the illustration of Bog. If you could create your own Bog what would it look like. Remember we don’t know what type of creature he is.  

First draw your own bog in your workbook. Then I would then like you to label your creation. Remember to use adjectives to describe your character.

For example; it may have two big round eyes, a round circle boy, long wiggly arms and two sharp fangs.  

For the final part of your lesson, could you create your own 3D Bog, you could use different resources that you have at home. Always ask permission first. You may have different craft resources, playdough, Lego or other things in your house maybe things in your kitchen (forks, spoons, bowls, spatulas). Be as creative as you can make sure that you send a photo of your creation to Miss Armstrong.


Today we are going to write instructions using, forward, backwards, left, right and turn.

Directions Song

Have a look at the video, click on the link below for more information. Once you have watched the video have a go at the worksheet below.

Here is a direction game to play, if your mouse buttons do not work with the game use your mouse to click the movements.

Religious Education

We are now on our journey to the celebration of Easter, this is called Lent. Please click on the document below in the top right corner. Click on the tab bar at the top that says Read Aloud, you can then listen to the information.   

For your RE lesson today I have two tasks which I would like you to complete.

Task One: Have a look at this picture, who can you see, what are they doing? Without asking a parent see if you can answer these questions on your own.

Task Two: My Praying Lent Hands

I have attached your worksheet below, I would like you to create a Lent Prayer think about what you might want to prayer for. It could be somebody, an animal or something important to you. Write your sentences on the palm of the hand under Dear Jesus, once you have done this you may colour in you Lent Praying Hands.

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