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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May


Good morning Year 1 You all look like you had super celebration weekends!

Please try to follow this ling for an assembly like we would do in school before you start your work today


I hope you are ready to work again after PE with Joe Wicks today.

Firstly there are now 10 chicks well and

truly alive and chirping in Mr Clough's shed!smiley

I have a couple of videos to put on the school video page which can be found under the access to the school Blog on the website. My phone won't allow me to do it at the moment but I shall keep trying.


It's Phonics today.You will be looking at the sounds 'zh' 'ph' and 'wh'. A little tricky but I know you will succeed. Listen to the instructions on Education City carefully and complete the tasks please. They are similar tasks to those you have done before so you will find it straightforward. Be careful with the reading. The title is Monday May 11th.


Then you are going to play with socks for maths!

You'd better get hunting in your sock drawer so you can complete the games with your grown ups. Good luck and count carefully.




This activity will help your child understand the idea of multiplication. 


Important words and phrases:

 There are … groups. Each group has …

 … twos equal …

 twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines

 … groups of … equals …

 … times … equals …

 multiplication sentence

 times


You will need:

 10 pairs of socks


What to do:

 Work with your child to make 3 pairs of socks. 

 Ask: "How many groups of socks are there?” (3)

      “How many socks are there in each group?” (2) 

 Ask: “How many socks are there altogether?”

   Encourage your child to add together the number in     each group: 2 + 2 + 2 = 6. 

 Point out that we add 2 three times.

Talk about how this is the same as 3 twos = 6 or 3 groups of 2 = 6.

Say the multiplication sentence together: “3 times 2 equals 6.” 

Repeat for other numbers of pairs of socks

 Next make, for example, 4 groups of socks, but vary the number of socks in each group (for example, make a group of 3 socks, a group of 4 socks and 2 groups of 2 socks).

Encourage your child to see that in this case we can’t add the same number each time, so 4 × 2, for example, does not match the groups.

Guide your child to see that for multiplication, there should be the same number of items in each group. 

 Now make other groups of equal size, for example 4 groups of 3 socks. (You could say these are for aliens with 3 feet, so they have to keep their socks in groups of 3.) 

 Ask: “How many groups of socks are there?

 How many socks are there in each group?

 How many socks are there altogether?” 

 You can help your child by asking them to work out the total number of socks by adding:  3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12. 

 Repeat the activity for other numbers of groups and groups of different sizes.


 For example

3 groups of 5 socks, 5 groups of 4 socks, 2 groups of 8 socks.


Talk about:

Use everyday opportunities where there are equal groups to make up ‘multiplication stories’ with your child.


 For example: 

 “There are 5 pairs of gloves/shoes/boots. There are 2 in each pair. There are 10 gloves/shoes/boots altogether.”

 “There are 4 groups of coins. There are 5 coins in each group. There are 20 coins altogether.”

  “There are 3 packs of yoghurts. There are 4 yoghurts in each pack. There are 12 yoghurts altogether


Finally today I have another Scavenger hunt for you. Today's Hunt is an Inventor Scavenger hunt! When you have found everything I want you to write a sentence about at least five of the items telling me where in your house you found them. I would like good directional language please

For example

I found a tube in the kitchen, behind the bin, next to the washing powder inside the recycling box because it was the tube from the inside of our last kitchen roll.

Good luck finding everything and with your directional sentences. Here is the Hunt



Well Year 1

I await your work for today!

Get counting socks and hunting!wink

Love Mrs Clough


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