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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Yoga Group

Reception began their yoga experience this week and they were wonderful, such focus and keen to learn. During their first session they tried ten poses. The yoga group took a sheet of the poses home to practice with their family.  At the end of the session we enjoyed a focused meditation using soothing music and focusing on electric candles.  This was a lovely calming session which reception enjoyed. 
This week we continued learning how to use our breath to calm ourselves and other tools we can use to "ground" ourselves when we need to.  The group had remembered many poses from the previous week and had obviously been practicing at home! very impressive. We practiced our poses and meditated together.  After meditation the group was given the opportunity to try a mini gong bath using a prayer bowl from Nepal.  The children were fascinated by the bowls resonating sound and enjoyed the vibrations.
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